Huawei introduced a new 14-core laptop with a 5 GHz processor


It turned out to be quite an interesting device. Huawei has announced its new laptop with a 16-inch screen – MateBook 16s. A distinctive feature of the device is that the top model boasts a flagship 14-core Intel Core i9-12900H …


Acer introduced an inexpensive laptop with an OLED screen


Looking forward to more similar announcements from other brands. Somehow it so happened that laptops with OLED displays are very, very expensive. In the same smartphone market, the situation is different – for several years now, it has been possible to …


Samsung’s new monitor is made from plastic waste found in the ocean


Now this is not surprising Recently, gadget manufacturers are increasingly paying attention to their own “green footprint”. Apple, for example, allegedly refused to equip its new smartphones with a complete charging unit because of this. Not far behind the Cupertino …


Not at all like the usual: Lenovo showed a conceptual laptop without a screen


But with a projector Lenovo showcased its vision for the portable computing of the future. A concept called MOZI is a rather unusual laptop – at least it does not have a screen. Yes, a laptop, if you can call …

The best configurations of gaming computers at the prices of June 2022 named


Expert presented the most budgetary and most expensive assembly options If you’re looking to buy a new gaming PC now, this compilation might help. The author of the 3DNews portal has listed the best builds for both the oldest and …

Apple introduced the new MacBook Air: M2 processor, MagSafe and unibrow

MacBook Air

  At the WDCC 2022 presentation, Apple announced the new MacBook Air. The smallest laptop is now equipped with a cooler current MacBook Pro models, has a new processor and a larger screen with a monobrow. External changes will be noticeable, …


Without a single fan: a unique PC with the latest Intel processors is presented


Of course, this is not a cheap option. Quiet PC has introduced PC configurations with 12th generation Intel processors and completely fanless. Cooling is passive. The most entry-level configuration, the Quiet PC A30 Fanless i17, offers the Cooler Master Masterbox …