Can scammers steal money through NFC on your smartphone?


NFC today is perhaps the most convenient way to pay for purchases. But the ease with which money is debited from the device causes concern for many people. If for the transfer it is enough to bring the terminal to the gadget, can an attacker with such a terminal take possession of other people’s money, say, in public transport? Let’s see if money can be stolen via NFC in your smartphone.

The first problem that the criminal will face is, in fact, the terminal itself. It’s not enough to buy one (and they are expensive), you need to make it work. To do this, you will have to register a legal entity and conclude an acquiring agreement. At the same time, the owner will be entered into the bank’s database, and if desired, the competent authorities will be able to track all his transactions quite simply. The attacker will not work with the terminal for a long time.

But even if we assume that the criminal actually had a working terminal in his hands, then another problem arises – the distance. NFC is activated almost closely, so you have to get quite close to a potential victim. Agree, it will not be easy for a person with a terminal in his hand to get close to your smartphone and at the same time go unnoticed.

Well, let’s make one more assumption, and suppose that our criminal has incredible manual dexterity and can imperceptibly bring him to the devices, the third problem remains. NFC does not just work, you need to at least unlock your smartphone to pay. And it is unlikely that the attacker also has the skills of hypnosis to force you to do it voluntarily.

As you can see, stealing from terminals in public places via NFC is an almost impossible task. Very difficult to implement, and the risks are incredibly high. The sheepskin is not worth the candle. Therefore, you can use NFC with peace of mind and not be afraid that someone with a terminal at the ready will get to your hard-earned money.