Can owners of push-button phones be monitored?


Expert dispelled the myth about their safety

In Russia, there has been an increase in the popularity of push-button phones. Among mobile users, it is widely believed that push-button phones are safer than smartphones.

Is this true, explained Eldar Murtazin, a leading analyst at Mobile Research Group.

According to him, in fact, push-button phones are not as safe as it is commonly believed. They do not have the Internet and GPS, but most of the data that passes through the phone remains with the operator.

And if you have access to the operator’s billing, you can determine the location. It’s just that the accuracy of the coordinates will be lower than on a smartphone.

It is also a myth that push-button phones cannot be tapped. In fact, recording conversations is possible using a third line, just like on a smartphone.

“The easiest way to get to a person is through his ignorance and inability. Yes, if you have a smartphone, computer or something else, you can use a wider range of tools than in the case of a push-button telephone. But a social attack is the most effective way, ”the expert emphasized.