Call of Duty: Mobile has over 650 million downloads


In its annual report, Activision revealed how things are going in Call of Duty: Mobile. And things are going well – the number of downloads has exceeded 650 million.

Judging by the statement from the report, the company is satisfied with the success of the mobile kolda.

We also continued to showcase the potential of our console and PC franchises on mobile. After launching in China, Call of Duty: Mobile posted a record year, with annual user spending on the game significantly inflating the $1 billion figure. caught up with those who play on consoles and PC. This is an impressive feat given the success of shareware Warzone on consoles and PC, but we see a lot more ahead as we assemble an impressive and talented in-house team to develop a mobile version of Warzone that we expect will help elevate the Call of Duty franchise to new heights.

Last week, it was said that over 3,000 Activision people are involved in the Call of Duty series – this is more than 30% of all employees of the company (approximately 9800 people) and almost half of all developers (6800).

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