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Brian Finnegan Net Worth

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Brian Finnegan full Biography

Irish musician and composer Brian Finnegan: The genius of flute and whistle gave a new sound to the immortal hits of the Aquarium rock band , which earned the sympathy of the listeners. Finnegan believes music softens hard corners in people’s hearts, and this is its main value.

Childhood and youth

Brian Finnegan was born on August 20, 1969 in Armagh, Northern Ireland. The parents of the future artist had nothing to do with art: Brian and his sisters were the first in the family to start playing music.

As a child, Finnegan was an athletic child, so his parents sent him to the athletics section. He got into music quite by accident, with the light hand of teachers who drew attention to the strong lungs of the boy. Athletics disappeared by itself.

Brian’s childhood years were overshadowed by the civil war. A new hobby, in which he plunged headlong, helped him survive the difficult time. Finnegan began his journey in music at the age of 8 with bagpipes.

He picked up the flute two years later and fell in love with the instrument from the first sound. The gifted musician was only 12 years old when he was invited to play with adult bands and go on tour.


Brian Finnegan first gained fame in his homeland when he played in the band Upstairs in a Tent. In 1993, the debut solo album of the musician, called When the Party’s Over, was released.

The most important stage in the creative biography of Brian Finnegan was 1995, which marked the creation of the folk group Flook. In addition to Brian, the group included three virtuoso musicians: flutist and accordionist Sarah Allen, guitarist and bouzouki player Ed Boyd, and percussionist John Joe Kelly, who plays the bowran (Irish tambourine).

In Ireland, rich in musical traditions, the group, which uniquely combined authenticity and modern sound in their work, created a real sensation. At home, innovators were dubbed practically messiahs.

The band’s first album was called The Four of Us and was released in 1999. Another record, Flatfish, was released the same year. The next album, called Rubai, was presented by the group in 2002, Haven – after another three years. In 2006, Flook received critical acclaim from British critics, becoming BBC Radio’s Best Folk Band.

A new story in the life of Brian Finnegan began in 2007. At a concert in memory of the preacher and public figure Sri Chinmoy, he met Russian rock musician Boris Grebenshchikov.

The leader of the Aquarium, as it turned out, had long admired the work of the Flook group. Grebenshchikov invited Brian Finnegan to join the Aquarium International musical project, to which he, without thinking twice, agreed, not suspecting how productive cooperation would be later.

The Irish genius of the flute participated in the recording of five Aquarium albums: White Horse, Pushkinskaya, 10, Day of Joy, Arkhangelsk, Doors of Grass. Finnegan also accompanied the band on tour. At concerts, fans warmly accepted the famous hits of Aquarium, which, thanks to the flute and whistle, acquired an innovative sound.

In 2008, the Flook group went on sabbatical for four years. Meanwhile, Brian Finnegan released his second solo album, Ravishing Genius of Bones. After the reunion, the Celtic group was active in touring, giving hundreds of concerts a year. In 2019, Flook delighted fans with their new studio album Ancora.

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Personal life

Brian Finnegan has long been happy in his personal life. His chosen one, in whose veins Mexican blood flows, is called Eva Roa. His wife gave him two sons, Ollin and Emil.

The Irish musician has always been an exemplary family man, a faithful husband and a caring father, although one day his impeccable reputation was damaged.

In 2019, the ex-wife of Yegor Konchalovsky, actress Lyubov Tolkalina, declassified her boyfriend, whom she had been dating for about four years at that time.

In the choice of the star, the journalists recognized the flutist of the “Aquarium” Brian Finnegan. Lyubov Tolkalina was criticized for having an affair with a married man.

Rumors about the actress’s romance with an Irish composer were denied by her daughter Maria Mikhalkova-Konchalovskaya. The girl said that the journalists made a mistake because of the poor quality of the picture. The chosen one of Tolkalina, according to Maria, was called Simon.

Fortunately, the rumors did not affect the marriage of Brian Finnegan and his wife. In his Instagram account, the musician is now demonstrating a family idyll by posting photos with his wife and children.

Brian Finnegan now

In March 2021, Brian Finnegan presented a new album, Skin Hunger, which includes 9 songs. The record was made under quarantine conditions, and received an international sound: 24 musicians from all over the world, including Aquarium, played on it.

On December 25, 2021, Brian Finnegan was not allowed into Russia. Boris Grebenshchikov spoke about this at a concert in Moscow:

“Our flutist Brian Finnegan flew to Moscow last night. They took him under white hands, took away his passport, put him in a jail, where he spent eight hours, all night. And in the morning they said that we don’t need people like you, and threw him back at his own expense under escort. Whatever you want, then do with it. There is no positive ending to this story.”

The Aquarium leader stressed that he did not know why Brian Finnegan, who has British citizenship, was detained. Later, the director of the team, Maxim Lande, noted that the Irishman was not allowed into Russian territory for “technical reasons”, since “some features of the bureaucracy” were not taken into account.

Brian Finnegan Discography


  • 1993 – When the Party’s Over
  • 2010 – The Ravishing Genius of Bones
  • 2014 — Toward the Sun
  • 2020 – Flow, In The Year of Wu Wei
  • 2021 – Hunger of the Skin

With the Flook group:

  • 1996 – Flook! Live!
  • 1999 – The Four of Us
  • 1999 – Flatfish
  • 2002 – Rubai
  • 2005
  • 2019-Ancora

With the Maalstroom group:

  • 2000 – Face in the Water

With the Aquarium group:

  • 2008 – White Horse
  • 2009 – “Pushkinskaya 10”
  • 2010 – “Day of Joy”
  • 2011 – “Arkhangelsk”
  • 2013 – “Complete discography”
  • 2017 – Grass Doors

With the KAN group:

  • 2012 — Sleeper

Interesting Facts about Brian Finnegan

  • The favorite pet of Brian Finnegan and his family is a cat named Luna.
  • For a long time, Brian Finnegan’s wrist was adorned with two red threads, which, according to an interview, were tied to him by the 14th Dalai Lama.


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