Bill Gates recommends five books you should read this summer


Bill Gates decided to share with the public a list of books that the billionaire highly recommends for reading this summer.

The authors of the works were three novelists, a journalist and a scientist, each of whom managed to convey to the readers important things for the life of a modern person. Some are about climate change, others are about how our world is often ignored by young people. The Microsoft founder says that all these books are easy to read and do not carry an unnecessary information load.

The Force, Naomi Alderman

“I’m glad I followed my eldest daughter’s advice to read this fantasy novel. He cleverly played with the idea – what if all the women in the world suddenly gained the power to emit deadly electric shocks? Of course, the book brings up the topic of gender equality,” Gates wrote about The Force.

Why We Are Polarized by Ezra Klein

This is a book about American politics and human psychology. It made the Microsoft founder less optimistic about the future. It talks about the reasons for the polarization of society, which was the result of an instinct that controls human behavior through group identity.

“Lincoln Highway”, Amor Toles

A novel about two brothers traveling from Nebraska to California in 1954 in an attempt to find their mother there. They have to go off course and endure an unusual journey. Bill Gates says this book makes it clear that our path will never be predictable.

“Ministry of the Future” by Kim Stanley Robinson

“When I promoted my book on climate change last year, several people said I should read this novel because it plays out many of the issues I wrote about. I have to admit, this is such a deep book that it’s hard for me to generalize my impression. Robinson presents a fascinating story across decades and continents, filled with exciting ideas and people,” Gates said of Robinson’s book.

“How the World Really Works” by Vaclav Smil

Gates called this book a real masterpiece of science-pop, and Smila is one of his favorite authors. Unlike his other works, which are read like textbooks, here the main ideas are presented quite accessible, and many areas of knowledge are immediately affected.