Bill Gates named his favorite smartphone. The model will surprise many


It is always interesting to find out what gadgets famous people use, especially if they got their fame in the field of electronic technology. The other day, former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates visited Reddit, where he answered the most curious questions from users. And one of the questions was about my favorite smartphone.

Bill Gates’ answer was unexpected, his favorite smartphone is the foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. The billionaire called it the most convenient device that has ever been in his hands. Mainly because of the form factor of the gadget – it can be used simultaneously as a smartphone and a full-fledged tablet. Gates also mentioned that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is far from his only phone, from time to time the former head of Microsoft uses others, however, he did not name their models.

It is curious that Microsoft also has a foldable Surface Duo 2 smartphone, but Bill Gates, when choosing a device, clearly decided to change his native company. Some Reddit users were even indignant about this, although Gates can be understood – after all, the Surface Duo 2 is inferior to the Korean Galaxy Z Fold 3 in almost everything. And in sales, the “clamshell” from Microsoft failed quite naturally.