Best mobile applications for investing from your phone


If a couple of years ago the words investment and the stock market seemed like a dark forest to the vast majority of our compatriots, now in every smoking room you can hear lively discussions on the topic of stock prices, and disputes about where to invest your savings. One of the reasons for such an increase in financial literacy is modern technologies that have allowed anyone who wants to become the owner of the portfolio of interest in a couple of clicks.

Today we will talk about how to invest on the phone and discuss the top applications for investment, since there are plenty to choose from. If you have a smartphone and a desire to make money in your accounts work, this material is for you.

The best investment apps

Opening Broker Investments

  • Download : Android iPhone
  • Exchanges : MOEX, over the counter (OTC).

Otkritie Bank once received a bad reputation for undergoing a reorganization procedure, which can scare cautious investors away from interacting with the brand. But in reality, everything is rather the opposite – the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is now the main shareholder of the company, which means that the financial stability of the broker is the maximum possible. The same applies to the procedure for withdrawing funds, there are no fears that they will suddenly disappear into nowhere, and no extra fees are charged for this. Beginners will like a quick start – you can start investing almost instantly, and ample training opportunities – both free and paid, allow you to quickly understand the topic.

Investors with experience will appreciate the prompt assistance of consultants from the support service, as well as a wide selection of investment and trading instruments – there are almost no restrictions. The range of tariff plans allows you to feel comfortable both for those who decide to just try and see, and for those who want to invest a large amount or make high-frequency transactions.

Finam Trade

The best brokerage applications are created not only by the largest banks, but also by platforms that have been trading for many years. The Finam example is indicative – we have, perhaps, the most flexible application in setting up, which, with painstaking tuning for itself, turns into a lightning-fast source of information in all areas of investment that interest you. In addition to the cunning notification system, analytical support is pleasing – the company’s experts supply a lot of signals and market reviews, and the possibilities for graphical display of information, including from the field of technical analysis, are the widest among competitors. Another undoubted plus is that Finam has been training players on the stock exchange for many years, so the knowledge base available to new users is really extensive.

This richness of information in some aspects is also harmful – transaction reports are not easy to read even for a savvy trader, and many things that are necessary at first, such as displaying a commission when buying or selling, are simply not provided here.

BCS World of Investments

Mobile application for investments from a well-known broker. The advantages follow from the origin – there is really a rich functionality here, ranging from margin trading and order book, and ending with advanced charts with candles, support lines and other goodies. However, newcomers are not spared – excellent analytical collections and investment ideas can be a good help when you first dive into this brave new world. A whole section has been allocated for ideas, where, in addition to describing the concept and the expected profit, you can find feedback from other users, that is, following the advice of trusted experts is much easier here than in other places.

Tariffs are among the sweetest, with small amounts of funds you won’t pay anything at all, at least such an offer is valid until March 31, 2022, and a trading package with a price of 299 rubles per month and the lowest commissions is the main reason for the popularity of the application among pros. In general, the site is more interesting for traders than for investors – the lack of information about dividends and coupons makes it difficult to build a long-term strategy. Although the application is extremely functional, there are problems with optimization – iOS users often complain about the brakes.

Sberbank Investor

Convenient application for investments from the largest financial institution in the country – what could be better? Sber provides a wide range of stock market instruments, without limiting the user’s choice, although at the same time, using algorithms, it primarily promotes its own products. The application itself is very well implemented – beginners will appreciate the minimalism, thanks to which they do not have to wade through the jungle to buy a couple of securities, and more advanced investors can still dig deeper with a couple of extra clicks. The functions of sorting assets are conveniently made, it is also possible to monitor the overall movement of the portfolio in real time.

Cons are standard for the entire Sber ecosystem – the application often crashes at the time of entry, and in order to receive qualified help from technical support, traditionally, you will have to make your way through a series of robots and a long wait. Until now, there is a serious lack of high-quality external analytics – news is mainly written by specialists from the same bank, and training is aimed at absolutely beginners. Professionals, in turn, lack advanced analytical functionality – they have to use third-party services. But in general, Sberbank Investor is chosen for its stability and predictability – and here there are no questions for it.

Alfa Investments

This is not the first mobile application for investments from Alfa – Capital and Potok have paved the way for a long time, so the bank managed to immediately avoid many minor flaws and issue software with virtually no weaknesses. Alfa Investments protects newcomers from speculative actions and offers shares of only the largest companies – those who want to invest in startups should download Potok. Among other things, there are standard instruments like bonds, mutual funds and ETFs. Tariffs are soft, there are no commissions for depositing and withdrawing money.

Alpha without a twinge of conscience gives everyone very generous shoulders, which can turn into an unpleasant surprise for novice traders. If you do not abuse obscure functionality, then we have probably the best investment program in Russia today.

Tinkoff Investments

As a fully digital structure, Tinkoff Bank works great on its applications – in this case, you can’t dig into the interface, and the functionality will satisfy both a beginner and a pro. You can work with both domestic and foreign exchanges, although for this you will have to obtain the status of a qualified investor. Here, perhaps, is the richest selection of digests with world economic news from leading agencies and financial institutions. All the necessary range of options is available – applications, orders, margin trading, technical analysis tools are available directly in the application.

If earlier many sinned on regular software crashes, today such cases are rare, and it works great on iPhone and Android. The main disadvantage is that the tariffs bite, both for investors (comparable to the savings account) and for traders. Tinkoff motivates newcomers with gifts in the form of promotions, and this is almost an ideal option for the first experience without unnecessary investments – a ruble account is created in a few minutes and is immediately ready for work.

VTB My Investments

  • Download : Android iPhone
  • Exchanges : MOEX and SPB, on premium – more than 33 pcs.

Trying to answer the question of which application for investment is better, we got to the top of the top. Surprisingly, having a very mediocre mobile bank, VTB managed to create a fast and efficient, and most importantly, stable software for buying shares. Here is the widest choice of instruments, and after obtaining the status of a qualified investor and exchanges to work. The interface is familiar – convenient sorting by types of instruments, the ability to monitor changes in your portfolio in absolute and percentage terms. The analytics is provided by the bank and is unlikely to be highly appreciated by the pros, but for beginners, the selection of securities recommended for purchase is a good entry point. I was very pleased with the calendar of dividend and coupon payments, which allows to form a long-term strategy.

There is a “VTB Investor School” – good education in Russian, and commissions with a margin of the lowest on the market – in the case of beginners, about six times lower than those of the same “Tinkov” and “Sberbank”. Among the shortcomings, not the most informative graphics are noted, moreover, they are not full of functionality for working with them. But judging by the reviews of real users, this is the best app for investing from a phone in 2022