Battle of the strongest: iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14 Pro

  • September 24, 2022

The other day we talked about bloggers who conducted a drop test of the new iPhone 14 Pro. These were flowers, it was time for more severe tests of the novelty. The author of the YouTube channel TechRax took the iPhone 14 Pro, as well as the iPhone 13 for company, and threw them down the stairs. Both gadgets had nothing but thin silicone cases.

First, “apple” smartphones flew down flat. The first in line was the iPhone 13, which hit the metal railing several times and landed on the concrete floor. The back cover did not survive the fall and cracked, but the camera and display remained intact. But the iPhone 14 Pro survived the fall much better, earning only a tiny chip at the bottom of the back cover.


Then the blogger decided to throw smartphones vertically. The iPhone 13 got hit hard again – the back cover turned into a crumble, and the power button died. However, the smartphone did not stop working. The iPhone 14 again demonstrated its durability, earning a second small chip and keeping the display intact.

According to the results of the crash test, both gadgets could still be used normally, except that the iPhone 13 had to be turned on exclusively by double-clicking. And the iPhone 14 Pro also managed to maintain an almost presentable appearance.