Barbara Pravi Net Worth & Biography 2022: Wiki, Facts & Awards


Barbara Pravi Net Worth

Barbara Pravi in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $2 Million.

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Full Biography of Barbara Pravi

In the mid-2010s, Barbara Pravi became famous as a vocalist, film actress, and author of music and lyrics for popular songs. The Frenchwoman reached the peak of fame when the compositions began to win the hearts of the jury of international competitions and sounded on radio and television. 

In 2021, the performer, bypassing the stages of the national selection, was honored to visit the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam and personally present her own work to millions of interested people.

Childhood and youth

The biography of Barbara Pravi began in Paris in the spring of 1993. The girl grew up and was brought up in a family consisting of people of creative professions. Artistry and musicality were in her blood from early childhood.

Barbara Pravi inherited curly hair and a memorable, attractive appearance from her Iranian mother. Love for the fine arts of his daughter was instilled by an educated father. Having received a compulsory education in an ordinary French school, with the support of her parents, Barbara Pravi began the path to fame and the conquest of human hearts, waiting to meet the beautiful.


Barbara Pravi’s creative career started in the mid-2010s. The impetus was a meeting with compatriot Jules Jaconelli. Together with a French musician who had a natural ability to understand people, she began to write songs. In 2015, Barbara was offered to sign a contract with the recording studio Capitol Music France, owned by the American label Universal Music Group.

On the advice of the producers, Barbara Pravi tried herself as a singer. Having recorded the soundtrack for the French-language version of the Swiss film Heidi, she found support in a circle of authoritative people.

A year later, Barbara Pravi, who had an athletic figure with a height of 165 cm and a weight of 53 kg, became interested in cinema and theatrics. The girl recreated the image of Solange Duhamel in the musical Un été 44. Stars such as Jean-Jacques Goldman, Charles Aznavour and Maxime Le Forestier wrote the parts for the show.

In 2017, Barbara Pravi decided to start a full-fledged solo career. She made her debut on the French stage with the single Pas grandir. The song was later featured on Barbara Pravi’s debut EP, released on Capitol Music France and available on CD, digital and streaming.

As soon as the people of France and neighboring countries started talking about the new singer, Barbara, in order to promote the release, starred in the television film La Sainte famille, shown on the France 2 entertainment channel at the end of 2019.

During the same period, Barbara Pravi was part of the 55 Tour program, she acted as support for the age-old pop-rock artist Florent Pagni. After working with the man who was awarded the title of the author of the most exported French album, Barbara Pravi thought about quitting writing popular music and switching to chanson.

In 2019, Barbara Pravi, together with a Frenchman known as Izhit, wrote the song Bim bam toi for a young, promising performer Carla Lazzari. With the song, which became a hit in Paris and the surrounding area, the girl went to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, held in the Polish city of Gliwitz, and won the prize. After some time, the melody gained “viral popularity” on the TikTok running video platform.

Rejoicing for herself as an author, Barbara Pravi expanded her own discography with the off-album single Le Malamour, as well as an EP called Reviens pour l’hiver, recorded in a well-known singer in a recording studio.

After the official release, Barbara announced that one of the new songs would be included in the repertoire of another young French Eurovision participant. The song J’imagine performed by Valentina Tronel, who previously appeared on the national project Voice. Children ”, captivated the viewers and the audience gathered in Warsaw. The girl took 1st place with a score of 200 points.

Personal life

Barbara Pravi’s off-stage activities are associated with the fight for women’s rights, because in the past the fact of violence overshadowed her personal life.

Now the singer is a member of the national feminist movement advocating for justice. Together with her comrades-in-arms, she presented the organization’s anthem on digital platforms and social networks.

On Barbara Pravi’s Instagram page, there are a number of photos with members of the opposite sex, but fans do not know for sure whether she has a legal husband or not. In addition to pictures, the personal account contains videos dedicated to Rose Mary Kennedy, Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, Dido Elizabeth Belle, as well as references to the work of musicians such as Françoise Hardy, Jacques Brel and Louis Aragon.

Barbara Rule Now

At the end of 2020, the French media reported that Barbara would take part in Eurovision France, c’est vous qui décidez! The singer made it to the final with the original composition Voilà and defeated her competitors. The whole country supported the songwriter, who received a ticket to Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam.

In addition, in the spring of 2021, the release of the next mini-album Les prières took place. Video clips of new songs appeared on her official website.

Barbara Pravi Discography


  • 2018 – Barbara Pravi
  • 2020 — Reviens pour l’hiver
  • 2021 – Les prières


  • 2016 – On m’appelle Heidi
  • 2019 — Le Malamour
  • 2020 – Chair
  • 2020 – Voilà

Interesting Facts about Barbara Pravi

  • Barbara Pravi’s father was a Serb by nationality. The French singer changed the surname Pievic received at birth to the pseudonym Pravi, which in Serbian meant “original”, “authentic”.
  • Along with writing songs for her solo program, Pravi has worked on material that has appeared on albums by artists such as Yannick Noah, Julie Zenatti, Shimen Badi and Jaden Smith.
  • In 2018, Barbara, together with the popular British singer Kalem Scott, recorded the duet You Are the Reason. Other partners of the participant of the show Britain’s Got Talent, involved in the performance of this masterpiece, were the Englishwoman Leona Lewis and the Dutchwoman Ilse DeLange.