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Auston Matthews Net Worth

Auston Matthews in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $63 Million.

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Full Biography of Auston Matthews

Auston Matthews is an NHL star and center forward for the Toronto Maple Leafs. In 2022, America’s darling managed to overtake Alexander Ovechkin in goals per game average to lead the North American League scoring race.

Childhood and youth

Oston was born on September 17, 1997 in California. His father Brian was from there, but his mother Ema was from Mexico. They raised three children: the hockey player has an older sister Alexandria and a younger Breana. The family moved to Arizona when the boy was not yet two months old, and since then, the city of Scottsdale has become his home.

Auston Matthews’ parents were hockey fans, and therefore the child began to go to games from the age of 2. Although at first, Auston was attracted not so much by hockey as by an ice filling machine that drove around the arena during intermissions.

Auston Matthews was a fan of the Arizona Coyotes of Phoenix, choosing Shane Doane and Daniel Brier as idols. As a child, at the Coyotes’ game against the Washington Capitals, Matthews saw “probably one of the best goals in history” scored by Alexander Ovechkin lying on his back.

The American began playing hockey at the age of five. True, at the same time the boy played baseball, and it turned out so well that he became the best attacker among his peers. However, in this sport, Matthews lacked speed, and therefore he preferred ice, skates and the puck.

In his youth, Auston Matthews was coached by Boris Dorozhenko, a Soviet hockey player who previously headed the Ice Hockey Federation in Mexico, and then founded the Next Generation School in Scottsdale. Since 2012, Auston began to train and play as part of the development program for the US national hockey team.


Auston Matthews’ professional career began in Europe, where he played for the Swiss club Zurich Lions in the 2015/2016 season. After scoring 24 goals in 36 games and scoring 46 points, the American won the Rising Star award and took second place in the list of the league’s most valuable players.

Having received the Swiss Cup in February 2016, already in July Matthews signed a 3-year contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs, where, in addition to salary, bonuses for performance were prescribed, which the hockey player began to earn on his very first appearance on the ice. Playing against a team from Ottawa, the daring newcomer scored 4 goals in his NHL debut at once.


Auston Matthews

Auston Matthews with the Toronto Maple Leafs


With a height of 191 cm and a weight of under 100 kg, Auston Matthews played in the position of a central striker, where he turned into a merciless machine to defeat the opponent’s goal. Already in January 2017, Matthews, the only one from his club, participated in the NHL All-Star Game. After completing the regular season, the hockey player earned the Calder Trophy as the best rookie of the season.

Auston has broken one record after another for the number of goals in the NHL, and it is possible that his figures would have been even higher if it were not for injuries. For 6 seasons, the Toronto striker went on sick leave 8 times and underwent at least 2 operations – on his hands and on his shoulder. But even taking into account these facts, Matthews consistently showed an average performance of over 1 goal per match.

Despite phenomenal personal performance, Auston Matthews has not yet been able to participate in team trophies. In the 2020/2021 season, the Maple Leaves finally managed to take 1st place in the Northern Division, but they lost to the Montreal Canadiens in the first round of the playoffs.

But at the end of the season, Matthews won the Maurice Richard Trophy, an award for the best NHL sniper. The record holder for the trophy is Alexander Ovechkin, who received it 9 times.

Auston’s career in the US team is developing much less brightly. He won international competitions only as a junior, and has not yet shown noticeable results in adult hockey. 

In October 2021, the headquarters of the American team announced that they would send Matthews, Patrick Kane and Seth Jones to the Beijing Olympics, but in the end the colors of the striped star flag were entrusted to representatives of the NCAA student league to protect.

Personal life

His social networks tell about the personal life of the hockey player, where he shares news and fresh photos. Parents and sisters often appear there, but Auston Matthews has not shown the girl to the public for a long time. He previously dated Emily Rutledge and Jordyn Johnson, but has now taken a less public tack.

Auston Matthews now

In the spring of 2022, Auston became the player who needed the fewest games to score 50 goals in a single season in 62 games. This result has not been seen in the NHL since 1996.

Auston Matthews said he feels better than ever and is ready to fight and win. At the same time, in March, the Toronto Maple Leafs forward was disqualified: the hockey player missed 2 games for hitting a Buffalo player with a stick in the neck.

But already on April 5, 2022, Oston scored a hat-trick against Tampa, which became the third for the current season.

Auston Matthews Achievements

  • 2014 – Winner of the World Challenge Cup with the US team
  • 2014, 2015 – Winner of the junior world championship with the US team
  • 2015 – Most Valuable Player of the Junior World Championship
  • 2015 – The best striker of the junior world championship
  • 2015 – Top scorer of the junior world championship
  • 2016 – Winner of the Swiss Cup with the Zurich Lions club
  • 2016 – Bronze medalist of the youth world championship with the US team
  • 2016 – Rising Star Award Winner
  • 2016 NLA Most Valuable Player
  • 2016 – NLA Junior of the Year
  • 2017 – Winner of the Calder Trophy
  • 2017 – Most goals scored in an NHL debut game (4 goals)
  • 2017 – Player with the fastest score of 25 goals for the Toronto Maple Leafs
  • 2017 – Toronto Maple Leafs Most Valuable Rookie (40 goals)
  • 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022 – Member of the NHL All-Star Game
  • 2020, 2022 – EA Sports NHL Cover Hockey Player
  • 2021 — Winner of the Maurice Richard Trophy
  • 2022 – Fastest player to score 50 goals in a season (62 games)

Interesting Facts about Auston Matthews

  1. After making his debut for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Auston Matthews became the best-selling NHL jersey in a matter of days.
  2. To get into optimal shape, in 2021, Auston Matthews hired a personal chef and, thanks to the new nutrition system, lost weight to 95 kg.
  3. The hockey player had problems with the law: he was involved in hooliganism when he showed his underwear to a female security guard, but the scandal ended in a mutually beneficial agreement.
  4. The striker has graced the cover of the NHL hockey sim produced by developer EA Sports twice.
  5. The player’s favorite dish is chicken tortilla soup, which is prepared by his mother.
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