Asisat Oshoala: With the way Nigeria is now, you might not wake up with your head on your neck again


Super Falcons and Barcelona star, Asisat Oshoala has commented on the increasing level of insecurity experienced across the country.

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According to Oshoala who currently plays for Barcelona’s female team and is among the best female strikers in the world, the way things are going in Nigeria now, people might sleep at night and not wake up with their heads on their necks again.

This comes in the wake of the Bandit attacks in some villages in the Northern part of Nigeria.

The 27-year-old striker tweeted on Thursday, April 8,

“Omo with the way naija Dey go now , you fit just Dey sleep and then wake up make you no see your head for your neck again.”



The 25-year-old Super Falcons’ star has acquired so much money through football thanks to her superb goal-scoring skills on the pitch. But the journey was not rosy for Oshoala due to the pressure she faced from her parents who only wanted her to face her studies.

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While speaking with the Guardian, Asisat Oshoala explained that she was even banned by her parents not to go out of the house to play football.

“I feel like everything is happening according to time.

It’s stage by stage with life, with everything. “I know thousands of kids are still going through the same thing I went through when I was young.

“Parents will say they want their kids to go to school, they don’t want them in sport, especially girls,” the former Rivers Angel striker explained.

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