Aryana Sayeed Net Worth & Biography 2022: Wiki, Facts & Awards


Aryana Sayeed Net Worth

Aryana Sayeed in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $1.5 Million.

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Full Biography of Aryana Sayeed

Aryana Sayeed is the main pop star of Afghanistan, a well-known feminist and women’s rights activist in the country. While some fans admire the beauty of the Afghan diva, others condemn her for her candid photo shoots and “non-Muslim” lifestyle.

Childhood and youth

The future main star of Afghanistan was born on July 14, 1985 in Kabul. Aryana Sayeed’s father is a Pashtun, her mother is a Dari-speaking Tajik. The girl had a difficult military childhood. When Aryana Sayeed was 8 years old, her parents decided to flee the country and went to Pakistan, and from there to Switzerland. Life in the refugee camp tempered the character of the girl and shaped her worldview.

Passion for music helped Sayeed survive the hard times. Aryana Sayeed’s talent was noticed in the choir, in which she became the main soloist. Already in her youth, the girl chose the path of life, realizing that she dreams of shining on stage in the light of spotlights.

Music and TV

Aryana Sayeed’s musical career began in 2008 when the young singer released the single MashAllah. However, real popularity came to her three years later: the song Afghan Pesarak became a hit in Afghanistan and Aryana Sayeed woke up famous.

Offers for concerts fell on the singer as if from a cornucopia, and she began to actively travel around the world. At the peak of her popularity, Aryana returned to her homeland, where she increased her popularity thanks to the lyrical performance of the old Afghan song Gule Seb.

In the desert of Afghanistan, Aryana Sayeed filmed a video for the song Dilam Tang Ast, for which she received an award at the Aryana Television Awards.

A new round in the creative biography of the pop diva was the collaboration with the popular Afghan singer Javid Sharif. The duet presented the listeners with two compositions: Biya Biya and Jelwa. The charming voice of Aryana Sayeed organically merged with the lyrical tenor of Sharif, thanks to which the songs resonated in the hearts of the listeners.

The heartache and anguish experienced by Afghan women during the decades of war resulted in Baanoo-E Aatash Nesheen. Aryana Sayeed was immediately dubbed the “singer of freedom”.

The combination of vocal skill and beauty of timbre lifted the singer to the top of the charts. Almost every song in her discography became a hit. More than once, her contribution to the country’s musical heritage has been recognized with prestigious awards: the singer became the “Voice of Afghanistan” and the best female artist.

Aryana Sayeed’s television career has been no less successful. The singer, who at that time lived in London, hosted the popular show Music Night on 1TV at home. In 2013, the artist took the judge’s chair on the Afghan version of the Voice show. 

Participation in the popular project has turned Aryana Sayeed into one of the main stars of Afghanistan. The talent show “Afghan Star”, in which the TV presenter was also among the judges, was successfully broadcast on the TOLO TV channel.

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Personal life

The main pop star of Afghanistan does not flaunt her personal life, but she does not hide that she is happily married to her own manager Hasib Syed. The man made a marriage proposal on July 14, 2018 – Aryana’s birthday. The singer gave a concert in Melbourne, when Hasib suddenly got up on stage and knelt down on one knee. The happy singer barely managed to say yes.

Aryana Sayeed has repeatedly stressed that she does not plan to have children. According to the singer, she is unlikely to be ready to take on such a serious responsibility.

The pop star is not the only celebrity in the family. Her niece is the famous Danish footballer Nadia Nadim, a striker for Paris Saint-Germain.

Aryana Sayeed now

On August 15, 2021, the Taliban movement established control over the entire territory of Afghanistan. Aryana Sayeed, who openly supported the Afghan army and defended the government, faced threats and feared for her life more than once. Therefore, the singer decided to leave her homeland and fled from Kabul.

Together with her, Hasib Sayyed went to Istanbul, where the couple now lives. The pop star announced this in a microblog on Instagram, posting a photo with her husband on board a cargo plane.


  • Gule Seb
  • Delam Tang Ast
  • Bia Bia
  • Jelwa
  • Madar-e-Afghan
  • Zan Astam
  • Hairanam
  • Yaar-e-bamyani
  • Lahza Ha
  • Dar Qalbe Kabul
  • Hairanam
  • Lanat
  • Baanoo-E Aatash Nesheen
  • Bache Kabul

Interesting Facts about Aryana Sayeed

  • Aryana Sayeed’s favorite book is A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini.
  • The pop star is a big fan of the comedy television series Friends.
  • The Afghan singer is a lover of spectacular outfits, for which she is often compared to American celebrity Kim Kardashian.
  • Aryana Sayeed supported the #WhereIsMyName campaign, led by Lale Osmani, which aimed to include female names on identity cards.
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