Are you using an SSD? A bug has been discovered, many drives die strictly on a timer



Disturbing news for SSD owners. It turned out that many drives are subject to a bug due to which they fail after exactly 40 thousand hours of operation. This is 4 years, 206 days and 16 hours. Fortunately, manufacturers are aware of the problem, so new SSDs do not suffer from it, and on older models, you can fix the vulnerability by installing a new firmware version.

Recall that the first mention of the bug appeared in 2019. Well, the very next year, leading SSD manufacturers began to warn their customers about it, as well as actively release patches to fix the error.

The bug is dangerous because at the onset of “hour X”, the drive cannot be restored, exactly like any data stored on it. The use of a RAID array does not help in this situation either, since all drives fail at the same time.

The Hacker News website felt the problem first hand. In July, with a difference of a couple of minutes, all the SSDs that were used on his servers failed. Fortunately, the portal had backup servers with HDDs, thanks to which the data was restored.

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