Are you tired of big smartphones? This device will be your salvation


In an era of ubiquitous shovels and identical smartphones, every model that stands out attracts attention. These, of course, include the iPhone mini or iPhone SE, as well as a novelty from CUBOT – the Pocket model. As the name suggests, it will have a “pocket” size, and a rather unusual appearance.

This smartphone fits easily into any pocket

On the one hand, large smartphones are the most convenient devices for communicating on social networks and watching videos, but on the other hand, the difficulties of carrying such devices with you have not gone away. Different people deal with this in different ways – some just walk around with the phone in hand, others throw it in a bag or backpack, and still others stuff it in their pockets. The latter is the least secure – we often hear stories of smartphones getting damaged when tilted, falling out, or being pulled out of a back pocket by someone.

Small smartphones are not very popular, at least globally. For example, in Japan, the iPhone mini is a real bestseller, and in many other countries its sales were a failure. However, there are buyers all over the world who would like to purchase a compact device, provided that its price is affordable. The upcoming CUBOT Pocket may live up to their expectations.

The name of this model did not appear from scratch. According to the manufacturer, Pocket is a small smartphone with a 4-inch display. It’s designed for comfort, fits comfortably in one hand, and can be virtually invisible in your pocket. At the same time, CUBOT reports that it will not be one model, but a whole series of compact devices.

Unfortunately, the specifications and release date for the first Pocket are not yet known. However, the Chinese revealed its design – they will present five versions at once with different body finishes. CUBOT Pocket will target both male and female audiences.

It is also impossible not to notice that the design of CUBOT Pocket is a bit reminiscent of luxury Vertu smartphones. Whether this is a coincidence or intentional – one can only guess, although we have to admit that Pocket looks very attractive.