Are smartphones getting more expensive? Processor maker TSMC to raise prices in 2023


Over the past couple of years, the cost of electronics has increased markedly. Not the last role in this was played by the shortage of semiconductors caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

But the situation may worsen very soon. At the same time, this time it is not some kind of emergency epidemiological situation that is to blame. It’s just that TSMC, one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers, has decided to increase the average prices for its services from 2023.

It is reported that from January 2023 they will grow by 6%.

Interestingly, there is still no exact information about what exactly the rise in price is connected with. A number of experts tend to believe that the increase in the cost of services is caused by the expected increase in electricity prices.

Recall that processors from TSMC are bought by Apple, Qualcomm AMD, NVIDIA, etc. And this means that not only Android users, but also iPhone lovers will face a rise in price.