Apple wants to use forgotten technology LG discovered years ago

  • September 24, 2022

The new is the well-forgotten old. From the next Apple patent, it became clear that the company is working on a foldable smartphone and for this it unearthed eight-year-old technology. We are talking about a polymer capable of “regeneration” – independently tightening scratches and minor damage.

A similar material was used in the LG Flex smartphone in 2014, however, then only the back cover of the device was made of it. This device was slightly curved, but did not resonate with users and was canceled after the release of the second generation. Apple is going to put it on the screen. Apparently, the engineers of the “apple” company managed to make the polymer transparent.

The self-healing surface should make up for one of the main drawbacks of foldable smartphones – soft-touch screens, which, compared to tempered glass, are easily scratched. However, the presence of a patent does not guarantee that we will ever see an iPhone with a screen made of such a polymer. Not all patented technologies reach the final product.

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