Apple releases iOS 15.6 beta 1. What’s new and how to install


On Wednesday evening, May 19, Apple quietly resumed the beta testing program for its operating systems, introducing iOS 15.6 beta 1.

Now it became clear why Cupertino was in such a hurry to release the release build of iOS 15.5 – they were just preparing to start preliminary tests of the new version of the mobile OS.

Officially , the update is available only to developers, however, anyone with an appropriate beta profile will be able to install it. Below, we’ll cover what’s new in iOS 15.6 and how to install it on your device.

As expected, the debut build of iOS 15.6 contains almost no innovations, since it is a kind of basis for all future add-ons that will be released as part of subsequent beta versions.

I would like to believe that all the upcoming innovations that will appear in iOS 15.6 will be more significant and practically useful than the changes that happened with iOS 15.5, released at the beginning of the week.

What’s new in iOS 15.5

All iOS 15.5 changes are purely cosmetic

Despite the seeming abundance of innovations that iOS 15.5 offered, it’s hard to call them other than cosmetic:

  • New design of buttons for requesting and sending money via Apple Cash;
  • The physical Apple Card is now called the Titanium Card;
  • Money transfer feature in Messages via Apple Pay is now called Apple Cash;
  • iTunes Pass cards are now called Apple Account Card when added to Wallet;
  • There was a notification that the application allows you to make payments for a subscription and in-app purchases through third-party services;
  • Built-in feature to limit podcasts stored on iPhone, deleting old ones;
  • Fixed issue with automations paired with HomeKit devices;
  • Now you can block location in photos in Memories;
  • Reworked notifications from the “Focus” mode;
  • With iPadOS 15.5, Universal Control is no longer in beta.

Obviously, iOS 15.6 will not be released until WWDC 2022, which will be held from June 6 to 10. Therefore, some innovations are likely to be announced by Apple even as part of the event.

One of those could be the Apple Music app for classical music . In Cupertino, they have been working on it for a long time and are going to present it this year.

A separate application for classical music is necessary due to the nature of its playback. The fact is that for convenience, Apple Music usually splits concerts into several separate parts, but the recommender system often does not include them in the same playlist , which violates their integrity.

And to prevent this from happening, the algorithms of the application must work differently than they do now, and it is simply impossible to achieve this in the main application.

How to Install the iOS 15.6 Beta

You can install iOS 15.6 beta 1 if you have a developer account or an appropriate beta profile:

  • Follow this link and download the iOS 15 beta profile;
  • Open “Settings” and select “Profile loaded”;

You need a developer profile to install

  • Install the profile and go to the “Software Update” section;
  • Search for updates and install iOS 15.6 beta 1.

Before installing a test build of iOS , take care to save a backup copy. It will come in handy if something goes wrong during the upgrade process or when you roll back to a stable version of the OS. Usually there are no problems with the installation.

But from time to time something goes wrong, and then users lose all their data. And the backup saved in iCloud allows you to restore everything as it was.

Should I upgrade to iOS 15.6? In my opinion, not yet. Still, now we have the very first assembly, which most likely does not have a high level of stability.

I’m not talking about the fact that the update does not yet have new features for which it would be worth installing it. So, if you’re itching to try out the new features, at least wait until they appear and then upgrade.