Apple introduced iPadOS 16 similar to macOS. How to install right now


iPadOS has long been expected to turn into macOS, making the tablet a full-fledged replacement for the computer. No wonder they say that they have been waiting for the promised three years: Apple has finally radically changed the approach to iPadOS compared to last year’s version.

Now the operating system has become more like macOS than iOS, application management has become much more convenient, and widgets have become interactive and really useful. The most interesting thing is that even owners of budget iPads can use this OS.

We talk about what has changed in iPadOS 16 , which tablets you can install it on and how to try it out right now.

What’s new in iPadOS

Despite the fact that the operating system has become more like macOS, it still has all the features of iOS 16, which Apple introduced yesterday. In general, everything turned out as we predicted – we cannot but rejoice. Here’s what your iPadOS 16 tablet will be capable of.

    • Share tabs and edits in Safari with other users via FaceTime.

Working online will be easier: iPadOS 16 will have a board where you can make common notes

    • A Freeform collaboration whiteboard where you can take notes, draw, and write.
    • Customizable macOS-like control panels: Find, Replace, and other features that used to be on macOS are now available on iPad.

iPad can be connected to an external monitor without broadcasting what is happening on the tablet

    • Mac Studio and other displays can be connected to the iPad via Thunderbolt: the image will not duplicate what is happening on the iPad, but actually acts as an extended workspace.

Jokes aside, but the Weather app for iPad has been waiting for years

  • The full-screen Weather app has arrived on the iPad.
  • You can play through SharePlay if the game supports this function.
  • iPadOS 16 now have Metal 3 technology, which makes it more suitable for games.

Apple also launched new APIs that will expand the functionality of applications for the iPad. The company finally undertook to fix the problem with crooked applications for its tablet – this is pleasing. Therefore, we are waiting for the most convenient applications and games adapted for the iPad in the coming months.

Multitasking in iPadOS 16

Multitasking on the iPad will finally be comparable to macOS

The new multitasking feature was called “Stage Manager”: open windows will be collected on the left, and applications are arranged on the screen like in macOS Ventura. You will have two active applications in front of you.

You can now resize windows on iPad to work with multiple windows at the same time, up to a maximum of four. While gestures were handy, you can now switch between apps with a single tap. They can be grouped (just like tabs in Safari) to create workspaces. This helps keep the apps on the iPad organized and clutter-free.

Which devices support iPadOS

The list of iPads that you can install iPadOS 16 on looks like this

Unfortunately, with the release of each new iPadOS, the list of available devices becomes more and more modest, because the old iPads are removed from it. Here are the devices that support iPadOS 16 :

  • iPad mini 5 and later;
  • iPad 5 and later;
  • iPad Air 3 and later;
  • iPad Pro – all models.

So, if you have an older iPad lying around, you can risk it and install the iPadOS 16 beta. Below we talk about how to do this.

How to install the iPadOS 16 beta

While iPadOS 16 is slated for release in the fall and open beta testing won’t begin until July, you can try your luck and get iPadOS on your tablet right now. It is very easy to do this.

How to install iPadOS 16 right now

  • Follow this link and select iPadOS 16;
  • Download the developer profile;
  • After downloading, the system will ask for permission – click “Install”;
  • Select “Profile loaded” in Settings;
  • Go to Software Update and install iPadOS 16 beta 1.

We remind you that this is the very first beta version of iPadOS 16 : despite the large number of innovations, it is still raw, it can fail and lead to errors. In addition, the developer version is not intended for general users, so it may become unstable.

In any case, if you decide to try installing iPadOS 16, then be sure to create a backup copy of your device in order to restore the system in case of an error.