Apple has delayed the delivery of some computer models until August


There are no explanations for this

Apple has once again delayed delivery of the MacBook Pro and some other models of its computers until August. The first was July.

Until August, the delivery of 14 and 16-inch laptops, ordered back in February, has been postponed.

Moreover, some standard models will be delivered by July 28, but custom ones, in which storage, RAM, processor and other devices are installed on order, according to user needs, will be delivered no earlier than August 8.

The new iMac, Mac Studio and Studio Display have similar delivery problems. Standard models can deliver in the shortest time. But custom – only in August.

The reason for this is not disclosed, but it is known that such problems are observed only on the official Apple website, in retail chains like Amazon, Best Buy and others, there are various configurations of MacBook Pro and other computers available.