Apple has a problem with new chips. How will this affect iPhones?


Every year, Apple introduces another iPhone with a new chip that impresses with its performance. The company does not give up in any difficult situation and tries to make the new smartphone better than the previous one no matter what. 

Although, it seems that this is coming to an end: remember, Tim Cook, reporting on the company’s profits, noted that Apple’s revenues will fall in the near future due to some reasons? He did not name them, but everyone understands everything anyway – just read the world news. 

And yet Apple was unable to influence the situation and plans for the production of chips have seriously changed. Let’s tell you what’s going on.

New Apple chip

A month ago, I told you about two new chips that Apple is preparing and was incredibly happy with the progress, no matter what. Let me remind you that it was reported that TSMC is preparing to switch to 2 and 3-nanometer process technology in the production of Apple Silicon chips. 

The first was planned to be released in 2025, and the second – already in this. Apparently, the 3nm chip meant M2, which was supposed to be installed in the new iPad Pro and updated MacBook Air: there is an increase in performance and energy efficiency. 

In general, everything is as it should be. But everything is too good in this news, don’t you think? That’s what I didn’t think.


Relax, there will be no new chip in the iPhone

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo tweeted that he has seen a public roadmap for processor development from TSMC, which manufactures “gems” for Apple and many other IT companies. All evidence indicates that 3nm chips will not be produced until 2023, which means that all innovations are being postponed: this year, new chips will be at the same 5nm.

Also, Apple had a problem with the production of 4-nanometer A16 Bionic chips, which were supposed to be installed in the new iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. As you remember, the base iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max will get last year’s A15 Bionic.

New MacBook Air


MacBook Air 2022 will be released on the old hardware. Bummer

The insider was rather pessimistic about the development of Apple’s microprocessors: it’s all about the ongoing shortage of chips, the ghost of which still hovers among manufacturers. So, Ming-Chi Kuo announced that the new MacBook Air will appear this fall (and we had no doubt), but there will be no new chip in it. 

Most likely, the M1 will be installed in it, as in the current model – according to rumors, the M2 may appear only next year. In this situation, Apple can make minor changes to the existing processor, give it a different name for marketing purposes, but we will not get a serious performance boost.

In this situation, in my opinion, it would be easier to not release a new MacBook and iPad Pro than to sell the same thing in a new wrapper, but Apple has its own plans for this. In general, it is not typical for Apple to use the same process technology in the creation of chips for three years in a row – it was its decrease that was the driver of growth and a factor in superior performance over competitors. 

Unfortunately, not this year: at the moment, no company can offer a more modern technical process due to the lack of chips and the impossibility of transferring equipment to their production.

When will the iPhone 14 be released

Despite such nuances, Apple will release a new iPhone on time. Almost: The iPhone 14 Max will be presented alone, which will replace the iPhone 13 mini, as production in China is behind schedule due to ongoing lockdowns. 

Apple has already instructed suppliers to speed up to catch up: all because of the lockdowns in the regions of Shanghai, which were blocked at the end of March. Now the epidemic is improving and restrictions are easing, but supply chain disruptions continue. In any case, the problem is only of a production nature: all four new iPhones are already undergoing verification tests.

iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Max will be released a little later. Wait?

At this stage, suppliers finalize parts and processes before mass production begins. There is nothing to be afraid of: two years ago, the company delayed the release of the iPhone 12, and in the end, Apple only earned loyalty points (well, some money) on it, increasing demand for new models and giving iPhone SE durability. 

Nothing terrible will happen this year due to the delay of the iPhone 14 Max : Apple has already ordered additional volumes of the iPhone 13 Pro from manufacturers, so there will definitely not be a shortage of iPhones .

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