Apple accidentally showed off the new iPhone 14 Pro design on YouTube (video)


It has long been no secret to anyone that the older iPhone 14 models will most likely get rid of the on-screen notch in favor of a pair of holes.

This decision has been implemented on many renders, and has also been the subject of much discussion and controversy. However, no one thought that Apple itself would confirm the new design in an official video, and even a few months before the release (albeit by accident).

At least that’s what online sources say, citing Apple’s Thailand YouTube channel. In the video dedicated to the scenarios of the Apple Pay system, the iPhone 14 Pro diagram appears for a moment with a pair of those same holes in the form of an exclamation mark.



At the same time, this video is not in the catalog of the official channel, and its copy is walking around the network.

In view of this, we will not unequivocally state whether this video actually existed. It is possible that it was originally the work of skilled concept makers.