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Anni-Frid Lingstad Net Worth

Anni-Frid Lingstad in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $300 Million.

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Full biography of Anni-Frid Lingstad

In the 70s, Anni-Frid Lingstad, the dark-haired lead singer of ABBA, was the idol of millions of listeners around the world. The singer’s career and appearance were admired, but few knew what a difficult fate was actually in store for her.

Childhood and youth

Anni-Frid was born on November 15, 1945 in the municipality of Ballagen in northern Norway. The girl’s father was a soldier and during the Second World War he supported the Nazis, so after the end of hostilities the family had a hard time.

Annie’s mother was insulted by others because of her relationship with a fascist and seriously feared that her daughter would be taken away by the authorities, so she sent a six-month-old baby with her grandmother to the Swedish town of Torshella.

Later, mother and daughter were briefly reunited when the woman moved to her family in Sweden, but she soon passed away due to kidney disease.

As a child, the girl was considered an orphan: according to the military, the child’s father drowned while returning to Germany, but after more than 3 decades, this myth was debunked by the Bravo youth magazine, which found the man in good health.


Anni-Frid Lingstad’s musical biography began in the late 50s, when the teenage girl was 13 years old. The young singer performed solo, wrote her own songs, then joined a jazz ensemble that made covers of compositions by famous musicians. In her youth, Anni-Frid Lingstad also created her own group and soloed under the stage name Frida.

Gradually, the girl became a regular at amateur competitions and TV shows, where she met Benny Andersson. A personal and working relationship began between the young people: the musicians came together, and the man became Frida’s producer.

Later, Benny, who was working with friend Bjorn Ulvaeus to promote his own band, took Anni-Frid Lingstad and his partner’s wife Agnetha Fältskog on backing vocals. The collaboration of four singers was such a success with the audience that the musicians were convinced that they should continue to work together.

So Annie and Agnetha became the soloists of the group, which in those years bore the difficult name of Björn & Benny, Agnetha & Frida.

In the mid-70s, the quartet shortened the name of the group to the abbreviation ABBA, taking the first letters of their own names, and triumphantly performed at Eurovision 1974, after which the names of four Swedish musicians thundered all over the world.

For 10 years, ABBA occupied the top lines of the charts in different countries and gathered thousands of stadiums at concerts. Any appearance of the band members in public caused mass hysteria, and the photo of girls in swimsuits drove thousands of men crazy on the planet.

The popularity of ABBA waned in the early 80s, when both pairs of the project broke up, and the singers themselves got tired of continuous touring. Later, the musicians focused on a solo career. So, Anni-Frid Lingstad replenished her discography with five studio albums, in which she sang alone.

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Personal life

For the first time, Anni-Frid Lingstad went down the aisle at a very young age: she was not even 18 years old when the girl tied the knot in her personal life with musician Ragnar Fredriksson. To her first husband, the singer gave birth to two children: son Hans and daughter Ann. Shortly after the birth of their second child, the musicians’ family life collapsed, and in 1970 the couple officially terminated the union.

Anni-Frid Lingstad’s next chosen one was Benny Andersson. The fateful meeting took place in the spring of 1969, after 2 years the young people came together and lived in a civil marriage for 7 years.

Later, the musicians spent time together not only at home, but also on stage and at the peak of their popularity, Anni finally got married. From that moment on, the Anni-Frid and Benny family lasted only 3 years.

In 1981, the couple got tired of each other in their personal lives and on stage and divorced. In addition, the musician started an affair with TV presenter Mona Norklit, which grew into a serious relationship. 9 months after the divorce, Benny married a new lover and a couple of months later became the father of a boy named Ludwig.

Anni-Frid Lingstad, exhausted by 10 years of touring and troubles on the family front, ran away from problems to London, then settled in the capital of France, where she recorded the solo album Shine. In the second half of the 80s, the singer moved to Switzerland, where she still lives.

In the new country, the ex-soloist of ABBA began to meet with an old acquaintance, Heinrich Ruzzo, the prince of the Principality of Reiss-Gera. At the end of the summer of 1992, the 47-year-old singer went to the registry office for the third time.

After the wedding, Lingstad changed her surname to Reuss von Plauen, received the title of princess and became close to the royal family thanks to the school friendship between Henry and the current Swedish monarch Charles XVI.

In 1998, a great grief happened: Anni-Frid Lingstad’s daughter crashed in an accident at the age of 31. A year later, the celebrity was left a widow after her 49-year-old husband died of cancer. Having lost her child and husband, the singer took up charity work and joined the eco-movement.

Lingstad’s height is 172 cm.

Anni-Frid Lingstad now

4 decades after the actual breakup of the four, the Swedish group announced that they had reconvened in the same recording studio to prepare 5 new songs. ABBA scheduled the premiere of fresh tracks for September 2021 as part of the Voyage show.

After releasing 2 promised September hits with clips – I still have faith in you and Don’t shut me down – on the website and social networks of the Voyage project, Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus met with fans in London and launched an online broadcast of the event for fans around the world.

At the meeting, the musicians said that they were working on an album of the same name, which included a dozen new compositions. The release of the collection scheduled for November 2021.

The Swedish quartet is also building an arena in London for 3,000 spectators, where they will hold the group’s first concert in 40 years. Wishing to remain forever young in the memory of the fans, ABBA has prepared digital holograms of the team members, which are designed with motion capture technology.

The concert show will take place in the spring of 2022, with holographic avatars of Anni-Frid Lingstad, Agneta, Bjorn and Benny “performing” on stage, accompanied by a live orchestra.

Although Anni-Frid Lingstad claimed in the early 2000s that she was no longer interested in a musical career and concert activity, in 2021, after the release of the first two tracks of the new Voyage album, the singer admitted that she was glad to work with ex-colleagues again and was pleased with the resulting product.

Anni-Frid Lingstad Discography

As part of the ABBA group:

  • 1973 – Ring Ring
  • 1974 Waterloo
  • 1975 – ABBA
  • 1976 – Arrival
  • 1977 – The Album
  • 1979 – Voulez-Vous
  • 1980 Super Trouper
  • 1981 – The Visitors


  • 1971 – Frida
  • 1975 – Frida Ensam
  • 1982 – Something’s Going On
  • 1984 – Shine
  • 1996 – Djupa Andetag

Interesting Facts about Anni-Frid Lingstad

  • The holographic avatars of the musicians are called “abbatars” by the producers of the Voyage show.
  • To work on the solo album Something’s going on, the singer invited Phil Collins, who acted both as a producer and as a drummer. They came together against the backdrop of personal experiences after divorce. Work on the album was hard, but worth the effort: the collection was in the lead in the charts in Sweden.
  • In 2006, Anni-Frid Lingstad, Bjorn and Benny went to Moscow for the premiere of the musical Mamma Mia!
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