Android got a feature that iPhone owners have been using for a long time

  • September 15, 2022

The debate over which is better – iOS or Android, is as old as the world. There is no single answer here: each OS has strengths and weaknesses, and companies regularly borrow different features from each other. So one of the useful features of iOS 15 will soon appear in Android.

We are talking about the Battery Health feature , which was noticed in the beta version of Android 13 QPR (Quarterly Platform Releases). It allows you to assess the condition of the battery, in particular, to check how worn out the battery is. The screenshot below shows that Android has rated the battery as “bad” and has made a recommendation to replace it.

Also in the settings, parameters such as battery capacity and its status (peak performance) are displayed. If everything is clear with the first, then in the last paragraph, we are probably talking about increasing the battery life by optimizing the charging speed.

iPhones have had their own Battery Health for a long time. There you can see the nominal and current capacity of the battery, as well as turn on “smart” charging, which lasts all night and is more gentle on the battery.


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