Andra Day Net Worth & Biography 2022: Wiki, Facts & Awards


Andra Day Net Worth

Andra Day in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $5 Million.

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Full Biography of Andra Day

American Andra Day is a talented singer and actress who presents pop, rhythm and blues and soul singles and albums to the world. Over the years of her creative career, the woman who shone on stage was nominated for prestigious awards and became the winner of prizes.

Childhood and youth

Andra Day, or Cassandra Monique Bathy, was born in the winter of 1984 in a family of advanced African Americans who lived in Spokane, Washington.

When the girl was 3 years old, her parents moved to Southern California and settled in southeast San Diego. There, a warm friendly atmosphere surrounded the child from all sides.

Andra Day’s creativity was revealed when she joined the choir of Chula Vista United Methodist Church. To develop a sense of rhythm, the baby began to take dance lessons; she studied at the choreographic studio for 15 years.

Andra Day received a classical primary education at Valencia Park Primary School, where an interest in performing arts was welcomed. Thanks to teachers who cared about the fate of the wards, in childhood the student got acquainted with the work of jazz vocalists: Billie HolidayElla Fitzgerald and Ruth Lee Jones, or Dinah Washington.

Growing up, Andra Day entered the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts. For a while, Paradise Hills became her permanent home. 16 years after graduation, the pop star and award winner was accepted into the Delta Sigma Theta sorority, which was regarded as a surprise.

After receiving an education, Andra Day mastered about 20 different professions. During the period of work as a children’s animator, her future fate was decided. 

In 2010, Kai Millard Morris, the ex-wife of the famous singer Stevie Wonder, saw the girl perform in a shopping and entertainment center and recommended her to people associated with music. Producer Adrian Hurwitz became interested in the personality of the graduate of the art school.

Music and films

At the initial stage of her creative career, Andra Day became famous as a performer of covers of famous songs such as Lose Yourself by rapper Eminem and Mamma Knows Best by pop diva Jessie J. In addition, she released mashups based on rated works, with preference given to works written by Amy Winehouse , Lauryn Hill and Marvin Gaye.

At the same time, work was in full swing on the original material, which was first presented at the Sundance Film Festival in 2014. Andra Day was honored to be introduced to Spike Lee, an American filmmaker who subsequently shot the video for the song Forever Mine and organized participation in international events – the Essence magazine party, the BET Awards ceremony and the television show Good Morning America! and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Cassandra’s debut album appeared in August 2015. Critics and listeners were waiting for the release of Cheers to the Fall, which hit the Billboard 200 hit parade. The single Rise Up was nominated for the prestigious Grammy Award, the singer “lit up” in the category “Best R&B Performer”.

Warner Bros. studio managers Records Inc., which released and promoted the 12-song record, organized the recording of Stevie Wonder’s promotional track Someday at Christmas and initiated a full-scale world tour. In the fall of 2015, Andra Day appeared before the inhabitants of the White House, her number graced the program Shining a Light: A Concert for Progress on Race in America, directed by A&E Networks.

In 2016, Andra Day took part in a concert dedicated to the opening of the Democratic National Convention. The touching songs captivated the members of the movement of black mothers who opposed the arbitrariness of the police.

Shortly after the triumph, she received the Powerhouse Award at the Billboard Women in Music event and, having broken the applause of a sophisticated audience, consolidated her well-deserved success.

A year later, the singer’s discography was replenished with the soundtrack for the legal drama Marshall. The duet Stand Up for Something, made in collaboration with rapper Common, was nominated for an Oscar. At the 90th anniversary ceremony, the song was appreciated by hundreds of people.

In the future, Andra Day often performed at theme parties and festivals. She was the guest of honor at the March for Our Lives event in Washington DC in March 2018. At the same time, Andra presented the single Rise Up at the Daytime Emmy Awards, unfortunately, she did not get a statuette for her live performance of the song on The View channel.

Personal life

Andra Day, according to journalists, is one of the most mysterious women of art. Outsiders do not know anything about the personal life and family of the singer and actress. There are no hints of a boyfriend or husband on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, now they feature photos from stage performances and filmings.

Andra Day now

In 2020, director Lee Daniels invited Andra Day to star in the biography “The United States vs. Billie Holiday”, which tells about the difficult fate of the famous jazz singer. Inspired by the upcoming work, the future actress was glad that in her youth she chose the pseudonym Andra Day. Since the premiere, which took place in February 2021 on the Hulu digital platform, thousands of people have learned about new facets of talent.


Andra DayAndra Day as Billie Holiday

Andra Day acting as Billie Holiday


The picture, well received by critics, was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for the cast and music. Andra Day was awarded the statuette for best actress. In addition, the actress was nominated for an Oscar. Cassandra took her rightful place in the company of Viola DavisVanessa KirbyFrances McDormand and Carrie Mulligan, who also claimed the award.

Andra Day Discography

  • 2015 – Cheers to the Fall
  • 2016 – Spotify Sessions
  • 2016 — Merry Christmas from Andra Day
  • 2018 – I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
  • 2020 – Make Your Troubles Go Away

Andra Day Filmography

  • 2017 – “Marshall”
  • 2021 – United States v. Billie Holiday

Interesting Facts about Andra Day

  • Before becoming a professional actress, Andra Day had experience in cinematography. She recorded the Mississippi Goddam soundtrack for the biographical drama What Happened, Miss Simone?, as well as the song Glory Days for the third part of the animated film Cars.
  • The song “Rise Up” was featured in a commercial for Beats by Dre, an audio devices manufacturer, starring tennis player Serena Williams.
  • In May 2016, Day signed a contract with McDonald’s and Coca-Cola, her photo appeared on the glasses and cups released for the Share a Cup promotion. People who purchased branded products participated in a themed lottery. The winners received tickets to Andra Day’s performance at the Essence Music Festival.
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