AMD upcoming Ryzen 7000 processors will break the 5GHz barrier and require a new motherboard


Finally able to compete with Intel

As part of Computex 2022, AMD announced that it intends to move to a new level. The company has unveiled key aspects of its next-generation Ryzen 7000 processors, their Zen 4 architecture, and – for the first time in five years – an all-new motherboard.

The upcoming Ryzen 7000s will require an AM5 motherboard. It is noted that these processors will be the first for the PC, which are based on a 5-nm process technology.

In addition, the AM5 motherboard platform natively supports DDR5 and PCIe 5.0.

And AMD also said that Ryzen 7000 chips will be able to overclock above 5 GHz. That is, they will be the company’s first desktop processors capable of doing this.

AMD showed off a clock speed of 5.5 GHz during a presentation in the game Ghostwire: Tokyo. This figure corresponds to the capabilities of the Intel Core i9-12900KS in turbo mode.

The new AM5 motherboards will also be able to deliver up to 170W to the chips instead of the 142W expected.

So far, AMD hasn’t said anything about specific processor models, but has promised to provide more details in the summer ahead of the fall release.