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Amanda Tenfjord Net Worth

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Amanda Tenfjord full Biography

Georgiadi Amanda Tenfjord is a Norwegian singer of Greek origin who was honored to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022. Amanda Tenfjord, who chose pop music as the main genre, in addition to her vocal abilities, has the talents of a writer.

The compositions, which were published in the form of EPs and singles, appealed to a select audience. For most of them, Amanda Tenfjord came up with the words and melodies herself.

Childhood and youth

Amanda Clara Georgiadis, better known as Amanda Tenfjord, was born in the Greek city of Ioannina in early 1997.

Some time after this significant event, family members, who were representatives of different nationalities, decided to move to the Norwegian province of Møre og Romsdal. The parents chose the picturesque place of Tennfjord as their place of residence.

Father Konstantinos Georgiadis and mother Greta Katrin discovered their daughter’s creative abilities at an early age. At the age of five, the future singer fell into the hands of a piano teacher. When the basics were learned, vocals were added to the instrument.

In an interview, Amanda Tenfjord said that since childhood she knew about her own predisposition to music, but there was no desire to dedicate her biography to art completely. Even when the first recordings appeared in adolescence, there were no thoughts about the career of an artist.

The profession had to be chosen after graduating from a secondary general educational institution. The path to adulthood began in the mid-2010s.

Groping for areas for development, the Greek native entered medical school in the densely populated city of Trondheim. Over time, nature took its toll, and Tenfjord, having stopped attending classes, devoted herself entirely to creativity.

In 2020, the situation with the spread of a new coronavirus infection forced Amanda Tenfjord to return to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and continue to receive a specialized higher education.


In 2014, Amanda Tenfjord released her debut hit Run and immediately became popular in Norway. The song won a national music award and featured in a promotional video for the independent non-profit organization Personskadeforbundet LTN.

Later, for the sake of entertainment, the girl participated in competitions and open-airs of the Reeperbahn Festival in Germany, Iceland Airwaves in Iceland, The Great Escape in England and Eurosonic in Holland.

At the Norway The Stream event organized by TV 2, the vocalist, in whose program the song I Need Lions appeared, entered the top thirty.

Spectacular performance gave a chance to work with professionals and go on tour with the indie pop band Trond Bersu and Ingrid Helen Hovik Highasakite.

In 2019, with the singles Man Of Iron, No Thanks, Let Me Think, The Floor Is Lava, Troubled Water and Kill The Lonely in her discography, as well as the EP First Impression, Amanda Tenfjord applied for the Trondheim Calling festival. The audience warmly received the performer and gave her a round of applause.

In the same year, the girl was awarded the Haram Municipality Youth Culture Prize and offered a contract to collaborate with a state-of-the-art recording studio.

Taking advantage of the chance, Amanda Tenfjord plunged headlong into work. Compositions containing elements of folk, funk, ambient and electropop made Tenfjord famous in their homeland in Greece.

In 2020, Netflix made the song “Troubled Water” the soundtrack to the drama television series “Clinging to the Ice” with Kaya Scodelario , January Jones , Willow Shields, Evan Roderick and David James Elliott. In addition,Amanda Tenfjord released new singles As If, Pressure and Then I Fell In Love.

A year later, the presentation of the second EP Miss The Way You Missed Me took place, which brought a new portion of recognition. The release earned the approval of the public and critics and hit the Norwegian hit parade.

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Personal life

Outsiders do not know anything about Amanda Tenfjord’s personal life. The subscribers of the page on Instagram cannot understand from the photos whether the singer has a boyfriend or not.

The girl posts a lot of colorful pictures, indicating that the lion’s share of her time is devoted to creativity. Sometimes the author of singles and mini-albums can be seen on vacation alone or in the company of friends and family.

At the qualifying round for Eurovision 2022, the Greek-Norwegian singer presented a touching lyrical ballad about unhappy love. Listeners assumed that the story was based on real experiences in early youth.

Amanda Tenfjord now

Now in the life of Amanda Tenfjord a new stage has come. Career advancement is due to the fact that the performer became the representative of Greece at the international Eurovision Song Contest in 2022.

Amanda’s skill was appreciated by the members of the selection committee. The girl, along with Good Job Nicky, Joanna Drigo, Elias Kozas and Lou is, first made it to the top five.

Then it became known that she won the national final and will perform the song Die Together at the international competition.

A confirmed participant in a large-scale event in Turin keeps her Instagram account subscribers up to date.

Interesting Facts about Amanda Tenfjord

  • As a child, Amanda Tenfjord studied in the same class with another Norwegian celebrity – Sigrid. The talent of the author of the soundtrack for the film “Justice League” was one of the catalysts for development at the beginning of his career.
  • Tenfjord was born under the zodiac sign Capricorn.
  • Amanda’s discography includes a joint composition with the Norwegian singer and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Dybdahl. The track was at the top of the Scandinavian selection of streaming service Spotify.
  • Tenfjord’s portfolio includes experience in television. The girl participated in the Norwegian programs p3aksjone and Lindmo.
  • As a medical student, Amanda helped doctors working in hospitals with COVID-19 patients.
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