Also confused about older Realme smartphones? Now there’s a comparison – GT Neo 2 vs Neo 3


The new model has some rather controversial features

An expert from the Honest Blog channel on YouTube told how much the Realme Neo 3 version differs from its predecessor, GT Neo 2.

Phil, host of the Honest Blog YouTube channel, compared Realme GT Neo 2 and Neo 3 devices in terms of basic parameters and operation. First of all, he drew attention to the appearance of the smartphones. In this parameter, the devices are almost identical, but the Neo 3 is slightly thinner and lighter.

If we talk about the display, then it is also almost the same in both cases. The angles of refraction are better, however, in the Neo 3 version. In the sun, the GT Neo 2 has a brighter screen: 1300 nits versus 1000 nits. PWM is present on both models, but the Neo 3 has slightly more PWM.

The processors are different on the devices. Realme GT Neo 2 has Snapdragon 870, Neo 3 has Dimensity 8100. The latter shows the best performance results. You can verify this below. In general, both smartphones work quickly.

You can play Genshin Impact on both devices at maximum graphics settings. In this case, you will get 60 FPS, although there are drawdowns up to 45 fps.

Of the two smartphones, Neo 3 launched faster. If we talk about cameras, then on the GT Neo 3 the main module has 50 MP and an optical stabilization function. Neo 2 lacks optical stabilization, and the main camera has 64 MP.

In terms of night video shooting, the Neo 3 camera has become much better. The picture on it is clearer and more contrast. But in the daytime, Neo 2 copes better with light.

As for the photo, in the evening Neo 2 gives out at times a more contrasting, but less detailed image. Daytime photos are more saturated and contrast, however, on Neo 3. Although sometimes the pictures come out too dark. Sample photos are below.


The battery capacity in both versions is 5000 mAh. The devices are fully charged in about the same time: about 40 minutes. At the same time, smartphones are enough for about one day.


According to the expert, if you need a high-quality camera, then you should definitely choose Realme GT Neo 3. In general, both devices are excellent devices, so you can buy either of them.