All You need to Know about Kaestrings Wedding and Wife


If you found yourself on this page, then you really want the full gist about Kaestrings Wedding and His Wife. As it is known to many of His fans, Kaestring is a popular Nigerian gospel Music Minister who is belived to be from the Northern part of Nigeria.

Kaestrings Wedding and Wife

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Kaestring music has blessed many lives, ranging from “Yes I am glad my heart is calm” to “Love” to Haske Spontaneous and other spectacular songs.

Kastrings sings for His wife

On October 7, 2021, The popular Nigerian gospel singer took to YouTube to reveal the Love of his life with His fans as He sings for her on a beautiful green plain field as he plays guiter for her while she rest her head on His Laps

Top secret is that, she has been see as a back up singer for the artist in a song titled “Me na yi Daka so ni haka”

This video is stylish invitation Kaestring put forward to His fans about His wedding.Watch the Video below and share your though about the Video.


One of the fans said “By the grace of God e go last forever…na God dey run am, From this union shall come the Moses, the David, the Daniel, the Gideon and Deborah of the next generation. Congratulations sir kae, I celebrate great grace”

Meanwhile, On December 9, Kaestring shared the Video of His marriage celebration, where He sang different songs for His beautiful wife. They both danced.

The wedding date is November 11 2021

From the Video, “Kaestring’s wedded wife seems to have better dance steps than him. To many, it is understandable, because it is believed that, ladies are always better dancers. This claim is subjective though

What we learnt from kaestrings marriage from the Video at the reception are listed below

  1. Keastrings’s wife is very beautiful
  2. Despite the fact that the gospel Music Minister is portable, He was able to carry His wife who seems to have more flesh “successfully”
  3. The two couples look good together         
  4. Other factors that are visible to you.

Kindly watch the Video below and drop your own Observation in the Coment box

Video of Kaestrings Wedding Reception

You can view picture of the beautiful wife below

Kaestrings’ statement on Instagram was that “4 years of genuine friendship, two beautiful years of courtship and forever to go together with the most beautiful lady in the world! My best friend and love @31_lineage ❤️Such a huge privilege and honor for me. I officially unveil to you all VK21”

  1. Bonus information; The Full name of Kaestring is Kingsley Innocent

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