Aleksander Barkov Net Worth & Biography 2022: Wiki, Facts & Awards


Aleksander Barkov Net Worth

Aleksander Barkov in 2022 has estimated net worth of up to $40 Million.

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Full Biography of Aleksander Barkov

Aleksander Barkov is now one of the brightest professional athletes. A hockey player with a Russian surname, who considers Finland his homeland, has been playing at prestigious team tournaments, world championships and the Olympic Games since the early 2010s. The striker has a number of prestigious personal and team awards in his piggy bank.

Childhood and youth

Aleksander Aleksandrovich Barkov was born in the Finnish city of Tampere in early September 1995. A significant event took place in the family of the Russian hockey player, coach and father Aleksander Edgardovich Barkov, who moved abroad with his wife Olga at the end of his playing career. 

By the time the baby was born, the couple had a son, Aleksander Barkov Jr. The childhood of the future athlete proceeded in the company of his older brother, mother and father.

Despite the fact that the parents were not rich people, first Aleksander Barkov, and then Sasha went to paid sports sections. The eldest child played tennis at an amateur level. The youngest, at the age of two, got into a figure skating group, after some time, at the suggestion of the head of the family, attention switched to hockey.

In an interview, Aleksander Barkov said that the decision to devote his entire career to “the game of real men” arose under the influence of the past achievements of the pope and the real brother.

Development was facilitated by a specific Finnish approach to the education of young athletes, in which alternatives were offered instead of imposing one or another training program. At the same time, the idea was heard that following the planned action would give a positive result.

Aleksander Barkov had a high level of awareness, so he quickly gained confidence on the ice and took the position of an attacker. The form allowed to participate in viewings in clubs and the junior team. True, despite the high-quality training, at first no one paid attention to Barkov.

After the parents decided to give the child dual citizenship – Russian and Finnish, the chances of success increased. As a result, the hockey player got into the Suomi national squad in the early 2010s.


For a couple of years, Aleksander Barkov trained with other members of the children’s and then the youth team of Finland. Interaction with partners benefited the hockey player, who at the peak of his form reached a height of 191 cm and a weight of 96 kg. 

In addition to physical activity and practicing game and strength techniques, the coaches taught theory. The attacker studied specialized literature and read articles on the Internet.

At the age of 15, Alexander got into the national league of professionals as a member of the Tappara club. In the debut match, the striker became the author of an assist and earned the first personal points.

Aleksander Barkov

In 2012, the Tampere native appeared in the draft of the Kontinental Hockey League and was selected by the Lokomotiv team from the city of Yaroslavl. This did not become a key moment in his career, because due to a shoulder injury, surgery, missing a number of important matches and other reasons, the move to Russia did not take place. The striker decided that he had nothing to lose if he entered the selection in the NHL.

In 2013, the Finnish striker with Russian roots interested scouts from the American club Florida Panthers. Management offered a three-year rookie contract. Aleksander Barkov enthusiastically agreed and moved across the ocean to the city of Sunrise. 

For the first time entering the court in a new form, an 18-year-old guy threw the puck into the opponent’s goal and set the record “age – goal”.

Later, in the seasons prescribed in the starting contract, the athlete went from an extra to one of the leaders of the attack. In the national team, things were also going well: in the mid-2010s, Aleksander Barkov went to the Olympic Games in Sochi and became a bronze medalist. From the World Championships, also held in Russia, he brought a silver medal.

Impressed by the achievements of the hockey player, the Americans decided to extend the stay of the holder of Aleksander Barkov in the Florida Panthers for 6 years and signed a contract worth more than $ 35 million.

At a new stage in his sports career, Aleksander Barkov participated in the NHL playoffs, claimed the prestigious personal award for gentlemanly behavior from the Association of Hockey Journalists following the results of the regular season. Skill plus points scored for goals and assists allowed him to play at the All-Star Game.

Also in the second half of 2018, Aleksander Barkov became team captain, having inherited the Panthers armband from Derek McKenzie. In the new status, the striker made a number of hat-tricks and finally received the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy for a clean game.

In 2021, continuing to demonstrate a combination of tactical calculation and refined technique, the hockey player from Finland was awarded the title of the best offensive defensive plan. 

The Selke Trophy Award, awarded to the all-round players of the National Hockey League clubs, has become an expression of respect on the part of the employees of thematic publications and an assessment of the result of their work.


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Personal life

In early youth, Aleksander Barkov pursued a career, so he paid little attention to his personal life. Having settled in the NHL, Aleksander thought about relationships and at that time met fashion model and blogger Maria Doroshina.

The girl, born in Russia, worked in Finland. After checking her feelings, she agreed to move to the USA after her chosen one.

The hockey player’s salary allowed him to live comfortably overseas. The lovers traveled the world in between hockey tournaments. It is known that Barkov and his girlfriend repeatedly visited Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In addition to sightseeing, Aleksander Barkov enjoys basketball, video games and cars. In North America, where the hockey player’s home is located, many people like such activities.

When he want to take a break from the noise of the cities, the NHL striker pays a visit to his own villa on the shores of a Finnish lake. He likes to survey the surroundings in almost complete silence.

Aleksander Barkov now

In the fall of 2021, thematic publications reported that Aleksander Barkov had signed a new long-term contract with the Florida Panthers team, running until 2030. This time, 8 years were estimated at $80 million.

Aleksander Barkov

In the 2021/2022 season, Aleksander Barkov became the club’s main sniper, losing only to Jonathan Huberdeau in overall performance.

Aleksander Barkov Achievements

  • 2013 – Finalist of the Canadian Cup Kanada-malja
  • 2014 — Bronze medalist of the Olympic Games
  • 2016 – Silver medalist of the World Championship
  • 2018 – As part of the NHL All-Stars
  • 2019 – Winner of the Lady Byng Trophy for Fair Play
  • 2021 – Winner of the Frank J. Selkie Trophy for the NHL’s best defensive forward

Interesting Facts about Aleksander Barkov

  1. At the start of his career, Barkov wanted to play for the Russian national team, but he did not have a chance due to the high competition among young players.
  2. At the stage, Alexander’s coach was his own father.
  3. Barkov’s favorite dish is chicken wings cooked according to a special recipe.
  4. According to the results of a study conducted by The Athletic website, Barkov, along with Nikita KucherovConnor McDavid and Patrice Bergeron, was among the top versatile NHL players.
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