Advantages of Search bar on the iPhone screen in iOS 16 and how to remove it.


Do you know what iOS 16 and iOS 15 have in common? Both systems have minor changes that not every user will notice. Of course, in the operating system, which will be released for everyone in September, attention is attracted, first of all, by the innovations of the lock screen, but if you look closely, you can see other elements that were not there before. Some of them are even located on the Home screen – we are talking, of course, about the strange Search button located at the bottom of the screen. I propose to figure out why it is needed, how to remove Search bar from the iPhone screen, and whether it is possible to return the points of the home screens as it has always been on the iPhone.

It seems that Apple wants to make sure that you do not once again swipe the application screen to search for the desired application icon: there is no other way to explain that, along with a convenient gesture to call Spotlight, which, by the way, is now not turned off, in the beta version of iOS 16 added another search – this time in the form of a small button at the bottom of the screen, located above the Dock with applications.

iPhone home screen customization

Agree, it couldn’t be easier: iOS already has Spotlight search, with which you can find applications, contacts, Mail and messages. It seems that Apple got carried away and decided that the gesture to call Spotlight is not so clear for new users. Therefore, in iOS 16, they added another button, which is now a little eyesore, because there have always been “dots” in this place, symbolizing different pages of the Home screen.

Accidentally clicking on the dots at the bottom of the screen, you can accidentally delete the desktop

And was there any sense from them? Who cares: for most, the dots were, rather, an indicator of which screen you are currently on. Although in fact, when you quickly, strongly click on them, you started editing the desktop and opened a tile with all the pages of the Home screen.

They can be disabled by deactivating the checkbox, or removed completely using the “minus” in the upper left. At the same time, all applications remained in the iPhone’s memory in the Application Library – just the selected screen was cleared of icons. This is just one of the inconspicuous innovations in iOS 14, which not everyone knows about.

big screen iphone

In part, Apple did the right thing by adding a search button at the very bottom of the screen and turning it on by default – just not everyone understood it. This is a great help for new iPhone owners: the search is always at hand, and when you click on it, incomprehensible desktop settings will not pop up, which can also remove all shortcuts completely. In addition, two problems of iPhones with a large screen are solved at once , because even in the iPhone 11 it is not so easy to reach the top of the display with your thumb to call Spotlight .

It may seem that a large screen in an iPhone is what you need. But if you look closely, you can see a lot of useless free space

And what about the 13 Pro Max? Also, Apple is finally adapting the gaping emptiness on the iPhone screens, which, you see, is already very much, for a more or less useful function. This, of course, is not a solution to the problem: Apple needs to seriously optimize the usable screen space of the iPhone with Face ID. The times of compact smartphones are already behind us, and the large display seems to be of no use.

How to Remove Screen Search in iOS 16

However, if you are an advanced user and the search at the bottom of the iPhone screen only bothers you, you can remove it so that everything is “as it should be” and Spotlight is not duplicated. It is very easy to do this.

Removing Search from the iPhone screen is very simple

  • Open Settings on iPhone.
  • Scroll down and select Home Screen.
  • In the “Search” section, deactivate the “Show on the Home screen” switch.

That’s all: now on the iPhone screen above the Dock there will be dots familiar to you. This will make the Home screen cozier, as well as avoid accidentally clicking on another Search. The fact is that in iOS 15 Spotlight is always available and an accidental swipe leads to the fact that you have the top line for input – this is a little infuriating.

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