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Website Name: Free Trendz
Website Address: freetrendz.com
Publisher Name: Free Trends Media Ltd.
Corporate Address: 50B, Oke Osun, Ikere-Ekiti, Nigeria
EMail: [email protected]

Editor1: Ajewole, Daniel Sunkanmi
Phone: +2348108818751,
Email: [email protected]

Editor2: Ajewole, Daniel Sunkanmi
Phone: +2347068525953,
Email: ajewole707 [at] yandex

Launch date: December 2, 2021

What we do:

We are a top media website with wide reach. We freely serve the world (News, Songs, Articles and Religious Contents). We report local and national news, politics, metro, business, entertainment, sports and opinions and we supply Trending Songs and Albums.

Our Vision:

To be the Ultimate Source of all Trending Articles, News, Music, Albums and Religious Contents.

Our target:

* To create a great relationship between Content searchers and their contents, by providing, Timely availability to all trending contents

* Help rising artistes to grow by providing awesome advertisement for them at affordable price


* To entertain and enlighten the public on trending/topical issues

* To push for political stability using the vehicle of factual reportage.

Our major focus:

• Keep reports simple.

• Be clear in presentation.

• News must be educative, entertaining and informative.

Our target audience:

Upwardly mobile Nigerians


Sports enthusiasts


The government

Advocates/civil societies

Our main categories:






Headline news

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