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Who is Abiy Ahmed Ali? (Biography)

Abiy Ahmed Ali was born on August 15, 1976 in Agaro, Oromia, Ethiopia. Ethiopian political and statesman. Prime Minister of Ethiopia (since April 2, 2018). Laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize (2019).

Abiy Ahmed Ali early life

Abiy Ahmed Ali was born on August 15, 1976 in Agaro, Oromia, Ethiopia. Father is a Muslim, from the Oromo people. His mother is an Amhara Christian, the fourth wife of his father.

In 1991, while still a teenager, he joined the rebel forces against the regime of Mengistu Haile Mariam, joining the Democratic Organization of the Oromo Peoples (of which he remained a member even after its transformation into a political party).

After the rebels, led by Meles, came to power, Abiy continued to serve in the ranks of the country’s armed forces. In 1995, he was part of the UN peacekeeping contingent in Rwanda. 1998-2000, he participated in the Ethiopian-Eritrean conflict.

Post Military career

Received an education in the field of programming.

In 2007, he became one of the founders of the Ethiopian Network Security Information Agency. Been the Deputy Director of this organization (since 2008 he has acted as director), having entered the boards of directors of the national telecom operator Ethio telecom and the national television company.

He left military service in 2010 with the rank of lieutenant colonel and was elected from the DONO (part of the ruling coalition – the Revolutionary Democratic Front of the Ethiopian Peoples) as a deputy of the lower house of parliament – the Council of People’s Representatives.

In this capacity, he paid attention to overcoming religious conflicts between Christians and Muslims belonging to the Oromo, as well as the fight against the illegal seizure of land in the vicinity of Addis Ababa, which are part of the Oromia region.

Abiy Ahmed Ali In 2014, was appointed Director of the Information Center for Science and Technology, and in 2015, Minister of Science and Technology.

In 2016, Abiy Ahmed Ali moved to the post of Deputy President of the Oromia Region and Head of the Oromia Construction and Urban Development Service, and in October 2017 he also became the head of the DONO Secretariat.

Abiy Ahmed Ali Political career

After the resignation in February 2018 of Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalen, Abiy Ahmed Ali, along with President Oromiya and Chairman of the DONO Lemma Megersa, became (according to the rotation of the ethnic political associations that are part of the EPRDF) the main candidate for this post.

Since Megersa was not a member of parliament, on February 22, DONO elected Abiy Ahmed Ali as the new chairman. After Demeke Mekonnen, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Amhara National Democratic Movement (also previously unrepresented as Prime Minister), Demeke Mekonnen withdrew his candidacy on March 27.

Abiy Ahmed Ali was elected by an overwhelming majority and on April 1 was approved by the Prime Minister. Abiy Ahmed Ali is the country’s first Prime Minister belonging to the Oromo people, a Protestant by religion.

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Ethiopian-Eritrean conflict

The armed conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea over control of the disputed border territories began in 1998. Prior to independence in 1993, Eritrea was part of Ethiopia.

International observers estimate that around 60,000 Ethiopians and 40,000 Eritreans have been victims of the conflict. Authorities in the two countries estimate casualties at around 20,000 on each side.

In 2000, after several years of hostilities, a peace agreement was signed. According to its terms, the case was referred to international arbitration, which divided the disputed territories approximately equally.

Later, the situation on the border escalated several times, but the full-scale conflict did not resume.

In July 2018, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki signed a declaration of peace and friendship, which spoke of the end of the state of war between the countries and the readiness to cooperate in the economic and social spheres.

In October 2019, the Nobel Committee awarded Abiy Ahmed Ali the Nobel Peace Prize for resolving the border conflict with Eritrea.

Abiy Ahmed Ali Personal Life

Married. Wife – Zinash Tayachew.

Abiy Ahmed Ali Net Worth and Biography: Relationship, Facts


Awards and titles of Abiy Ahmed Ali:

2019 – Nobel Peace Prize

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