A huge hole has formed in Chile – no one knows why


In the second half of the 20th century, in the process of drilling a gas well, a huge hole was formed in Turkmenistan – it turned out that there was empty space in the depths and experts did not know about it. All the drilling equipment fell into the recess and gases potentially hazardous to human and animal health began to escape from it.

To prevent them from harming anyone, the gases were set on fire, but there were so many supplies that the hole is still engulfed in flames – this place is known as the “Gates of Hell”. At the beginning of 2022, the authorities of Turkmenistan decided to look for a way to extinguish the gas crater, which we described in detail in our previous article. The other day, about the same hole was formed in Chile, but in this case, scientists do not know the reason for the collapse of the earth. But there must be speculation, right?

Mysterious hole in Chile

An inexplicable hole has formed in the Chilean Atacama Desert, near a copper mine. The diameter of the hole is about 32 meters, and the depth is about 60 meters – the depression is truly huge. Fortunately, the scene of the incident is located eight hundred kilometers from the city of Santiago, which is the most populous in the country. However, the inhabitants of the city of Tierra Amarilla may be in danger, so no one is allowed to approach the hole closer than 100 meters. Fortunately, there are no reports of deaths.

From a bird’s eye view, a hole in Chile looks like a huge black dot

The collapse occurred near the Alcaparros mine, which is owned by the Canadian company Lundin Mining. Copper is mined at this enterprise, which brings a lot of money to the state. For reference, the country of Chile is the world’s largest producer of gold metal – it accounts for a quarter of world supplies. Copper is used everywhere in industry: in electronics, cars, ships, and so on. Due to this incident, the country will have to slightly reduce supplies. And all because, to ensure the safety of the inhabitants of Tierra Amarilla, work at the Alcaparrosa mine was temporarily stopped.

Hole in the ground from a different angle

At the moment, the authorities have asked experts to find out the cause of the hole. First of all, of course, everyone suspects mining. Perhaps the collapse occurred due to some mistake. But most of all it is believed that in the depths of the earth there was a huge cavity, which no one knew about until now. The hole has an almost perfectly round shape and looks like a huge dark spot from above.

Deadly holes in the ground

In fairness, it should be noted that the hole in the Atacama Desert is far from the only one of its kind. At the beginning of the article, we already mentioned the “Gates of Hell” in Turkmenistan, the depth of which is about 20 meters. The Chilean collapse, if compared with the Turkmen crater, is a real abyss. There is no official data on this matter, but it is possible that there are also sources of natural gases at the bottom of the new opening of the Earth. The main thing is that no one sets it on fire, otherwise another place with an “eternal fire” may appear on our planet .

“Gates of hell” in Turkmenistan

A similar, almost perfectly round failure exists in Guatemala. It was formed in 2010 and claimed the lives of many people, because a three-story garment factory and a residential building located not far from it fell into a deep well. The hole is 20 meters in diameter and over 30 meters deep. More than ten years have passed since the formation of the failure, but scientists still cannot understand exactly what caused all this to happen. There is a version that these are the consequences of a tropical storm. Another suggestion says that the well was formed due to the obsolescence of the sewer system. Or it may be that the earth failed due to a safety violation during the digging of an underground tunnel.

Huge hole in Guatemala

Although huge holes in the ground are considered mysterious and scientists find it difficult to answer exactly why they appeared, the reason seems obvious. The Hellgate cases, the Guatemala collapse, and the new hole in Chile all have one thing in common—they all originated close to the site of the underground work.

So, with a high degree of probability, people themselves are to blame for the collapse of the earth. But there is no evidence for this, so no one dares to assert this for sure.

What do you think caused the hole in Chile? Write your guess in the comments – there is always someone to talk to.

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