A Google employee has calculated the most accurate value of the number “pi”


Up to 100 trillion decimal places

Google Cloud employee Emma Haruka Iwao broke her own record three years ago for the number of decimal places calculated for the number “pi”. In 2019, she was able to calculate it to 31.4 trillion signs, and now it is up to 100 trillion.

The 100 trillion sign, by the way, has become zero. The calculation process was launched in October 2021. Computers completed it in March 2022. In total, it took them 157 days, compared to 121 days spent on calculations in 2019. At the same time, the process was more than twice as fast. The increased speed was due to improved hardware.

In addition, during the first record calculation, computers processed about 19,000 TB of data. This time, the computer processed about 82,000 TB of data to calculate 100 trillion digits.