A gadget for restoring old “wipers”, which is useful to every motorist


On average, a wiper blade lasts 1.5 years. However, in practice, with frequent trips to regions with a bad climate, the “wipers” have to be changed every season. Replacing is not that expensive: for most cars, a pair of brushes costs 1,500-3,000 rubles. But:

  • some wipers also need adapters for installation;
  • you will have to look for a “janitor” that will fit your car.

Therefore, replacing brushes is not so much costly as it is time.

This can be avoided by using a special gadget for “grinding” the wipers. The most popular tool of this kind from the Baseus brand costs 925 rubles on AliExpress, and according to the assurances of the manufacturers, it allows you to extend the service life of the wipers by 3 times.

This is a small metal “block”, inside of which  are hidden abrasive stripes, reminiscent of an ordinary knife sharpener. They have different grain sizes on both sides of the case. On the one hand, less if the wiper is slightly worn out. On the other hand – more, for rough processing of old rubber bands.

How to use it :

  1. Remove or fold back the wiper blade to a comfortable position.
  2. We evaluate its condition in order to understand which side of the gadget to work with .
  3. We insert the elastic into the gap, and we carry it along the entire length. Repeat it several times if necessary.
  4. Wipe with a damp cloth, or simply brush off the dirt from the gum.
  5. We return the “janitor” to its place.

If there are deep damages on the elastic, or it has begun to crumble, such cleaning will no longer help, you will have to change it. In other cases, you can use it and save time and money.

Let’s duplicate the link to the gadget for your convenience.

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