A black spot appeared on the phone screen. What to do and how to fix?


A black spot on the phone screen can occur even if the device has a super-strong tempered glass, and you wear it in a case and with a protective film. This is a serious problem: if the smartphone display is “decorated” with a dark blot, most likely, it will no longer be possible to use the gadget normally.

We tell you what to do in such a situation.

Why did a black spot appear on the phone screen?

The failure of entire sections of pixels can occur both due to damage to the device due to your negligence, and due to factory defects in the production of OLED and IPS matrices. Therefore, first – the reasons due to which a dark spot usually occurs on a smartphone:

Possible reasonFeatures of the defect
The device has been dropped or the display has been struck.The color of the spot is uniformly black, cracks are possible on the glass, the sensor does not work at least in this area, when you try to press on the spot or next to it, it may expand.
Water ingress.The color is only a slightly grayish spot that can move, and the sensor in this area continues to work. But most often the touch does not function, or it works erroneously.
A swollen battery that “pressed down” the matrix from below.Not pure black, but rich dark spots, under which the displayed image is visible. There will also be other problems with the operation of the gadget.
Software problems.A rare but possible reason, dark pixels may not appear as spots (but, for example, as a stripe), and have different shades.
Sensor sticking to the display.It happens when cheap gadgets are damaged, where there is an air gap between the sensor and the matrix. The spot can be translucent when the screen is on, and clearly visible when it is off, the sensor in this area does not work or works erroneously.

How to remove black spots on the phone screen?

On how to remove a black spot – you can google a lot of wild tips like warming the screen with a hairdryer, or freezing it in the freezer. These methods can only finish off your device.

There is only one answer : the breakdown is serious, if rebooting and updating the software did not solve anything, then only the master in the SC will help.

How much does the repair cost?

If you have already Googled how much it costs, you are probably upset. In modern flagships of any brand – from iPhone and Samsung to Xiaomi –  there is no air gap between the glass and the matrix, that is, they are glued together. Therefore, you can remove dark spots on the phone screen only by completely replacing the display module.

The price tag for such services is not sickly – for example, replacing a display on a Huawei Mate 20 will cost 12-14 thousand rubles, on an iPhone X – at least 24-25 thousand, on a Samsung Galaxy S9 – about 15-16 thousand. True, you can fix the gadget in unofficial services 1.5-2 times cheaper, but this will be a risk, because:

  • unofficials usually do not have access to original parts, which means you will be offered repairs on Chinese components – this is a lottery (there may be various defects: poor color reproduction / contrast / brightness, or worse response to pressing);
  • not the fact that an amateur master will cope with the difficult procedure of replacing the screen (the protection of the device from moisture and dust will almost certainly be violated);
  • in semi-basement services, you can lose your native components – for example, they can remove the battery from your smartphone for sale, and put a more worn out one in its place.
The conclusion is this: repairing a display that has become stained with ami is
  not cheap, and you need to do this with the officials or in trusted services, after having studied the reviews. If the phone is already old – sometimes it’s more profitable to sell it for parts, add it and buy a new one – this may be more rational than replacing the screen.
Is this a warranty case?
If you don’t want to pay 30-50% of the price of a smartphone for repairs, you can only hope that the breakdown falls under the warranty case and it will be repaired for free.
This is possible if:
there was a check and a warranty card from the moment of purchase;
The phone is still under warranty.
the device was not bought on Alik, but in the official store;
there are no mechanical damages: cracks, dents, chips – otherwise, the SC will simply say that the stain appeared after the fall;
the smartphone did not sink and was not flooded with water.
If all these conditions are met, feel free to take the gadget and go to the store, where they must accept it and transfer it to the official SC. First, the device will be diagnosed to determine why the spots appeared at all, and whether this happened through your fault. 
If the owner is not to blame, within 45 days the smartphone must be repaired free of charge, or replaced with a new one.