7 Useful Tips to Become a Good Singer


Do you dream of becoming a good singer, but you don’t know how to sing at all or in general, “a bear stepped on your ear”? We will tell you how to make a dream come true, learn to sing, and

As a potential singer, From this article you will learn:

  • The first step: towards a career as a singer or singer How to choose a vocal teacher?
  • The second step: how to move a novice vocalist How to find a producer?
  • Pros and cons of the singer profession Success stories of singers

Singer (vocalist) is one of the most common professions around the world, so the competition is very high.

To conquer the top of the musical Olympus, you need to have acting talent, a sense of rhythm and a great desire. But that’s not all.

If the voice can be delivered, then leadership qualities and a personal inner core should be present by default.

The first step: towards a career as a singer or singer The main question for beginners is: where to start to become a singer?

If by nature you have talent, hearing and a wonderful voice – this is excellent! But this does not mean that vocal lessons are not needed. If you want to practice vocals professionally, it is very important to find a good teacher.

It will determine your type, range of voice and help you master the basics of vocals. This is followed by a long, hard work on voice production and the development of proper breathing skills.

How to choose a vocal teacher?

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of a teacher and learn to sing great, you need to know a few rules: Choose a teacher with a singing style similar to yours. Pay attention to how the teacher sings.

It is important that he has perfect control of his voice. Feel free to ask him to sing for you. A good vocal teacher should develop an individual training program for you.

Ask the teacher about the successes and achievements of former students. Read reviews about the teacher

The second step: how to advance a novice vocalist After learning to sing well, start promoting yourself as a vocalist. 1) Perform at concerts and various events.

They will hear you and begin to recognize you, the first fans will appear. 2) Write a song and record the composition. But this option has a huge disadvantage. Unfortunately, renting a studio, equipment, and attracting musicians is an expensive pleasure.

For example, renting a studio on average costs 1500-3000 rubles per hour. That is, to record your composition, you need 10,000-15,000 rubles at least.

Another effective way to increase your popularity is to promote yourself on social networks. Upload videos with the performance of your songs, post vines or tell about yourself in stories.

In general, attract as much audience attention to yourself as possible. Try not to pay attention to haters’ malicious and offensive comments. They’re just jealous.

7 Useful Tips to Become a Good Singer

How do I find a producer?

After vocal training, an important stage is to find a good producer. His duties include: mentoring, song selection, monitoring the recording of songs, your promotion, administrative affairs and much more.

In many ways, the success of the singer will depend on the professionalism of the producer. Often, many “producers” do not always understand the principles of working and doing business.

Therefore, take your time with the choice and look at the results of their work — were their wards successful, how long has the mentor been producing?

To find a producer:

  • Send your songs to producer websites and record labels.
  • Contact the production center.
  • Perform more often at concerts, auditions and various events to shine and make yourself known.

The pros and cons of the singer profession

From the pros of a singer’s

  • career can be distinguished:
  • fame;
  • creative work;
  • a lot of acquaintances;
  • financial viability.

Disadvantages of the singer profession:

  • The singer’s personal life is interesting to many and is constantly under the gun of paparazzi cameras and even fans.
  • It’s tiring.
  • The career of a singer is not the case when the work lasts from 9 am to 17:00 pm.
  • The schedule of singers and singers is very tight and unstable.
  • It is necessary to constantly protect the vocal cords.
  • The slightest damage to the respiratory organs or pharynx can disrupt the voice and you will either have to take a break from work, or even say goodbye to the singer’s career.

The stories of those who have already become a successful and famous singer can serve as a source of inspiration for you.

Success stories of singers Roman “Troev” Vasiliev, ex-soloist of the group “Saint Petersburg”, coach on vocals and stage skills tells about his career experience as a vocal soloist, and also gives advice to beginners.

My success is a combination of circumstances Roman “Troev” Since childhood I loved music and became a singer thanks to my parents who supported my youthful zeal, and not crushing them. In fact, any success is a team effort, no one succeeds alone.

My success is a combination of circumstances.

It all started with the fact that I got into the group “St. Petersburg”. And it started: television, concerts, tours, filming, broadcasts, fans.

After that, I signed a contract with the hard rock band Reds’cool and continued my career, recording a very good, in my opinion, album Bad Story with American producer Michael Vaganer (sound producer of Skid Raw, Metallica and so on).

Success stories of singers Roman Troev Vasiliev, ex-soloist of the group Saint Petersburg, coach on vocals

I don’t think there was anything particularly difficult for me in vocals. I’ve always liked what I’ve done and am doing. When a person does what he loves, difficulties do not seem complicated — they are interesting.

Now I am engaged in teaching vocal and stage skills — I think this is my new beginning and a new career. I’m interested in teaching people what I can do. I want to give some advice to aspiring singers.

To become a good singer, in the understanding of the profession, and not the “star status”, you need to learn to sing. Mastering professional skills is the first place to start. Music education will never be superfluous, however, is not a decisive factor.

I have been sending my songs to the radio for 10 years, but none were taken Semyon Frolov

Semyon Frolov, winner of the international competition “Play the Accordion”, record holder of Russia in the nomination “Records of Musicians of Russia” shares his success story.

I can’t call myself a singer, even though I have my own hit “All women are like women, and my goddess” (more than 35,000,000 views on YouTube). I never sang much, but if I did it, it was only when my soul was singing or for fun.

Semyon Frolov

To start my career as an artist, I spent 2 years thinking how to make the coolest clip in the world out of nothing, and at the same time not spend a penny. And I came up with it — the clip is called “Eurovision“. But it took a long time before my video won the film festival at the Cinema House. One of the main music critics of the country, Artemy Troitsky, said about the video:

Read about Tech News HERE

“This is how modern youth should shoot their music videos in order to enter the history of art.” I also participated in various auditions, shows and TV projects, but without success.

I’ve been sending songs to the radio for 10 years and none of them were taken! I came up with new songs, rewrote the old ones and sent them again. It lasted until I accidentally wrote a hit, which was then picked up on the radio in 2009.

I became a producer, songwriter, singer myself. Marina Tabrisova

I’ve been singing since early childhood, as long as I can remember. When I didn’t pronounce the letters yet, I was already singing and arranging concerts for adults.

My creativity started 6 years ago when I wrote my first song. I gave it to another singer to perform, but I didn’t like the way she sang. Then I got up to the microphone and sang it myself.

I published the first song on the Internet on YouTube and Facebook. I was noticed right away. And then it went-it went. I released songs and poems one after another. Posted them online. People shared my creativity, attracted their friends to my songs.

If I had used targeted advertising then, everything would have been much faster, and it took me 6 years to promote and develop.

I turned to famous people in Moscow for help in my career. But they were not interested in a person who writes songs himself, who has his own recording studio.

As one producer told me: “You have everything of your own. You can’t sell a song, record it in a studio and take money for it.”

Marina Tabrisova

I was offered to give up my original songs, to be silent for six months, not to stick out with my material anywhere, so that people would forget about me. And then I had to show up with this producer’s songs and sing only his material, paying him for it.

I had already released my first album “YOU and Me”. There was an established audience of my fans who followed my work, loved my songs and poems. How could I betray them? Therefore, I decided that I would never ask for help and support again.

I started doing everything myself. She became a producer, songwriter and singer herself. I realized that you don’t have to wait for a wizard uncle to come and make your career for you. It probably happened to someone, but not to me.

I got everything with difficulty. Gradually, people began to appear in my life, helping me, who do their work professionally and I work with them within the framework of the Marina Tabri project.

There are a lot of vocal schools now, it can be difficult to find something worthwhile among them. Therefore, try, look, and the school will definitely meet you on the way. To learn how to sing, try yourself on vocal courses.

An experienced teacher will help you understand your voice, explore it and manage it. In the CourseBurg catalog you will find 30+ vocal courses with proven teachers online, in Moscow, in St. Petersburg.

During the vocal courses, you will be told the base about breathing and sound in 6-8 lessons, they will teach you simple exercises and put a voice. The cost of such courses — 7 500 – 9 000 rubles.

If you want to become a singer, we hope we have answered all your questions! Share the article on social networks, write in the comments what tips were most useful!

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