7 Cool Sticker Maker Apps for WhatsApp and Telegram


Stickers are a modern way of communication, which in most cases even replaces text for us. We even have special stickers in the editorial office that replace entire sentences: it is enough to send a “cat” to respond to some kind of statement.

If you often joke with friends, then you probably have local memes that just need to be turned into a sticker pack. Cool applications will help you make a quality set, after which you can easily upload stickers to Telegram or WhatsApp. We tell you which applications are ideal for creating stickers for messengers .

Found great apps to create stickers in WhatsApp and Telegram

Sticker Studio

Sticker Studio allows you to scale stickers to achieve the desired size and quality

One of the best sticker maker apps, it has several editing modes, including manual cropping, adding text. Stickers can be created in an unlimited number, as well as scaled to the desired size.

You can use the camera to take photos or add the ones you want from your smartphone gallery. Can also create stickers from GIFs and videos. You can import files from Google Drive or, conversely, send them there to save and not lose.

Download Sticker Studio

sticker maker

sticker maker

Sticker Studio has everything you need to create top stickers for Telegram

The interface of the application is very similar to WhatsApp, which means that it will be very simple and convenient to use it.

All you have to do is create a new file, after which you can import images from your phone’s memory or add only text to the sticker. You can also cut out the desired part of the image and use it in creating a sticker pack.

The application has access to the community, where you can see the work of other users and come up with something of your own.

sticker maker for phone

Animated Sticker Maker

There is nothing easier than creating an animated sticker right on your smartphone

Now you know how to create animated stickers for your favorite messenger – just install the Animated Sticker Maker application on your phone . To do this, you can use one photo, series or video, as well as draw animation yourself or add to an existing photo.

You can safely create an animation for each frame, and then combine everything together. The application allows you to import gifs from the GIPHY service or use your own work from the media library.

You can also add text or emoji to stickers.

Download Animated Sticker Maker


sticker maker

Be sure to try this app!

The application with the most convenient interface of the entire collection: your stickers are sorted into separate groups, which will allow you not to get lost and find the right one. You can also create animated stickers for all occasions .

Once you’ve chosen the image you want, simply crop it into a square, circle, or shape it to your liking. There is also a zoom function that allows you to crop the desired fragment in the picture and remove the background. After that, you can send stickers to WhatsApp or Telegram.

Download Wemoji

Sticker Create

The most unusual stickers are obtained only in this application!

If you want to create an unusual, memorable sticker that will delight your eye every day, try Sticker Create : the application contains many useful gadgets that will help you make a beautiful design.

You can add blur to the image, remove the background, use filters and additional effects. The application has a very convenient navigation, due to which it will not be possible to get confused in the menu sub-items.

Download Sticker Create

Sticker Maker – Stackify

The application has all the necessary tools for editing stickers

Do you want to reassemble stickers into different sets or group them? Try Stackify’s Sticker Maker : the app lets you choose from regular or animated stickers, crop images, add text, or erase backgrounds from pictures.

You can also use brushes, rotate the image, or set frames around the edges of the image. The application has an unlimited number of sticker packs , so you can use it for free.

Download Sticker Maker by Stackify

Mega Sticker Maker

sticker maker

In this application, you can sort stickers into categories so as not to lose

Another cool app that not only lets you create stickers, but also neatly sorts them into categories: this is how Mega Sticker Maker automatically sorts them into personal, text, search stickers, and more.

You can search for suitable images directly in the application so as not to go to the browser. You can add clipart or text to the sticker. There is also a preview in the application to evaluate the masterpiece before sending it to WhatsApp.

Download Mega Sticker Maker

That is it about sticker maker apps. Feel free to use any of them.