5 reasons why people in China are in such good health


As of 2021, China’s population is 1.4 billion people. For many years it was considered the most populous country in the world – about 17% of the world’s population lives there. You might think that China has so many people because it has a very high birth rate. But this is not the case, because until 2015 it was not allowed to have more than one child per family and this restriction was lifted only a year ago – now there can be three children in a family. To a greater extent, the high population is associated with a long average life expectancy of 77 years. Scientists have long been trying to unravel the secret of their longevity, and based on the data already collected, it is already possible to compile a list of at least five factors that increase life expectancy. Is it time to reveal the secret of longevity?

The fact that Chinese citizens have a longer life expectancy than others may seem very strange. According to Psychology Today, the Chinese authorities allocate less money to the healthcare system than other countries. In addition, the news often says that China has dirty air – as a rule, smog falls on cities, but sometimes there are sandstorms like in 2021.

However, experts were able to identify at least five reasons why Chinese people are healthier than others. Some points may seem banal and hackneyed hundreds of times, but it’s still worth reading about.

China has dirty air and not the best healthcare, but at the same time a good life expectancy

The diet in China is healthier than in other countries

Let’s take a quick look at what people in large countries eat. Red meat, dairy products, fast food, and so on immediately come to mind – do they still like to have something hearty to eat?

It is believed that due to cultural characteristics, in China, all this is not abused. Instead of red meat, it is customary to eat chicken or fish. Dairy products are not very popular in China because many men and women are lactose intolerant. As a snack, instead of sweet desserts and fast food, they prefer fruits and nuts.

Chinese cuisine is rich in nutrients

The quality of sleep in China is higher than anywhere else

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in 2011, Chinese people sleep more than citizens of other countries. This fact may also seem strange, because in China the “cult of 996” is popular – work from 9 am to 9 pm, 6 days a week. However, in the country it is considered the norm to sleep in the subway and other crowded places. For example, people are constantly sleeping on the beds of local IKEA stores and no one pays much attention to them. Some of them are said to snore loudly and drool, which means they sleep very soundly. Since sleep is very important for health, perhaps the ability to sleep in any conditions is another secret to the longevity of the people of China.
However, scientists recently published that daytime sleep is bad. Who is right? not very clear.

Sleeping people in Chinese IKEA are common

Active lifestyle in China is common

In China, you can watch a crowd of grandmothers gather on the street and dance to the music from a small tape recorder. Such a spectacle can hardly be seen in other countries. Of course, there are many fans of outdoor gymnastics in the world, but such a passion for gymnastics among the older generation is an amazing phenomenon.

Dancing pensioners in China often interfere with others with loud music and have to be dispersed

Taijiquan, also known as tai chi, is also popular in China. It was originally a martial art, but today tai chi is more of a gymnastics that improves flexibility, strength, and focus. All these activities not only help keep the body in good shape, but also reduce stress levels.

Social activity is the key to health

Dancing to music and tai chi classes involve not only physical but also social activity. According to the same publication Psychology Today, Chinese people have good health because they often communicate with each other. Of course, many people sometimes want to be alone. But isolation can greatly spoil health, to a greater extent, due to the resulting stress.

People in China are said to be outgoing and optimistic, which helps them avoid stress.

How to deal with stress? Chinese people know

In addition to social activity and gymnastics, lifestyle in general helps to fight stress. As you know, Chinese society is based on Confucian values ​​- the older a person becomes, the more respect for him grows. It must have had a positive effect on people’s self-esteem. And it, in turn, helps to maintain an optimistic outlook on life. People who are able to cope with stress have a longer life expectancy – this can be understood by reading the results of scientific studies.

What do you think about these long life factors? Maybe you disagree with some points? Share your opinion, as always, in the comment section.

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