5 most advanced free photo editors for Android


Do you want to process images taken on an Android smartphone or tablet? Files do not need to be transferred to a computer, because processing can be performed directly on a mobile device. Play Market offers various applications for photo retouching, applying effects and improving picture quality. In this article we will look at 5 popular programs.


An application for retouching and photo processing. In Snapseed, you can adjust the lighting, color balance, dark and light areas. You can also crop the picture, change the perspective, apply effects, smooth the skin and adjust the chiaroscuro of the portrait. The result can be saved to local memory, shared in messengers and social networks.

The software is available for free download and does not require the purchase of a premium version.


  • correction of exposure, shades and white balance;
  • image expansion and automatic filling of voids;
  • point data processing;
  • presets for automatic retouching of portraits;
  • adding grit and vignettes;
  • built-in filters and the ability to create custom presets;
  • creating a double exposure effect;
  • placement of text and frames.



  • it may take time to master the program;
  • there is no support for layers and masks.

Snapseed offers a large number of options for manual editing. If you want to quickly apply stylish automatic effects, it’s better to use VSCO. PicsArt is more suitable for instant retouching.


A program for applying photo effects and basic image processing. VSCO allows you to apply filters from the built-in collection, create your own presets, crop images and align the horizon, adjust exposure and white balance. You can also add grain and vignette, adjust skin tone and perform separate toning.

The photo editor can be downloaded for free, but to access all the features you will need a premium subscription worth 699 rubles per month.

  • Positive:
  • extensive collection of filters;
  • the “Magic Wand” tool for photo auto-correction;
  • increase the sharpness and clarity of the image;
  • regulation of light and dark areas;
  • copying settings for use on other photos;
  • suitable for beginners.


  • most of the built-in filters are available only to premium users;
  • no tools for photo retouching;
  • custom presets can only be created in the pro version;
  • to use the software, you need to create an account.



A program for making collages, editing photo images and decorating frames. In PicsArt, you can crop images, clone a texture for a photo retouch, adjust curves and cut objects. You can also use photo effects that will improve the shades of the content, make it black and white, stylize the material for a sketch or drawing.

The software is distributed freely, but many functions are available only in the pro package. Its cost is 299 rubles per month.


  • application of the framework;
  • gallery of free photo images;
  • presets for retouching portraits;
  • catalog of stickers and brushes;
  • removing and replacing the background;
  • working with masks and layers;
  • the final materials are stored on your account.


  • lots of ads in the free version;
  • most of the tools are available only in the Gold package;
  • to use the platform, you need to register.

Adobe Lightroom

Software for advanced color correction and basic processing of photographic materials. Adobe Lightroom will allow you to apply filters, adjust contrast, exposure and color balance, crop content and increase data clarity. You can also remove defects with a restoring brush, use the built-in camera and organize a gallery of pictures. Facebook Instagram or Facebook, save the result to your phone, or share a link to the picture.


  • large collection of filters;
  • creating custom presets;
  • cropping and leveling the horizon;
  • working with masks;
  • options for retouching portraits.


  • limited functionality of the free version;
  • demanding of device resources;
  • users note that software malfunctions occur periodically.

Google Photo

An application that is automatically installed on most Android devices. Google Photo is suitable for storing photos in cloud storage and will help with basic frame correction. With the help of the editor, you can perform automatic processing, crop media, adjust lighting and colors, create an HDR effect, reduce noise and apply filters. You can also draw and add text on top of the photo.

The editor is available for free, but some photo effects and options can only be used after purchasing a Google One subscription. It costs 139 rubles a month.


  • syncing media data on different devices;
  • collage and animation design;
  • changing skin color and increasing sharpness;
  • adding a vignette.


  • limited functionality for retouching portraits in the free version — you will not be able to hide flaws or even
  • out the skin;
  • a network connection is required to work;
  • if the Internet speed is poor, failures may occur;
  • to use the editor, you need to create a Google account.

Mobile apps are not suitable for professional image processing. If you want to fine-tune the lighting and colors of the frame, retouch, change facial features and replace the background, it is better to use computer photo editors.



Now you know which Android mobile apps can be used for basic photo processing. The choice of software depends on your goals:

If you want to manually adjust the lighting and colors of the frame, retouch and point-correct the picture, use the Snapseed editor.
To apply auto-correction functions and apply stylish effects, it is better to download the VSCO program.
The PicsArt application is suitable for working with layers and masks, adding text and stickers, making collages and videos.