5 life hacks: how to live with pets in your apartment



Pets bring to our life and apartment not only joy, but also a lot of trouble, for which we often turn out to be completely unprepared. We have collected five life hacks that will help make life with pets easier.

Nuts for scratches

Walnuts, Brazil nuts, and pecans can help with scratches on wooden furniture. All of them contain natural oils that help the tree to recover. What to do? Rub the walnut kernel diagonally across the scratches first, then rub the area with your hand to warm up the oil a bit and help it soak in. After that, it remains to clean the treated area with a piece of cloth. Walnut oil will help restore the wooden surface and restore its original appearance.


Carpet under the tray

Those who have cats at home often encounter garbage around the tray: pets accidentally (and not so much) scatter particles of filler around their toilet. In order not to vacuum the floor next to the tray every day, you can simply buy a special honeycomb mat. Dirt from the tray will fall into the rug and not scatter throughout the room, and then it is easy to shake it out from there.



Territory without a dog

In order to keep the dog out of a room, you can buy an expensive partition for children or pets. Or you can spend this money on something more pleasant and make a similar partition yourself. All you need is a couple of tension rods for curtains and a piece of fabric.

The rods must be shaped into a frame and the fabric hung on them. The main thing is to make sure that the partition is high enough that the dog cannot jump over it, and low enough that the pet cannot crawl under it. Most likely, the dog will not test the barrier for strength.

The design can be used in the kitchen so that the dog does not interfere with cooking and does not steal food from the table.


How to get rid of wool

During molting, pet hair becomes the main problem at home. But you can solve it with ordinary rubber gloves: put them on, wet them and rub a little on the furniture. Then run over the coat of your cat or dog.

Static electricity will attract some of the wool – it will start to stick to the glove, and in this way you will collect at least some of what could later be on the floor and furniture. Do this regularly and there will be noticeably less hair in the house.


Booth from the table

If you have an unnecessary table, it is easy to convert it into a dog kennel. You can make walls out of wire, cover the table with a cloth, or just put a box inside. The dog will be able to hide from noise or heat in a new makeshift home.

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