5 good products from AliExpress from different categories


So it’s time for another selection of products from AliExpress. Every day we prepare something interesting and unusual for you, which is not so easy to find on your own. Even by searching, such things are not searched for as easily as we would like.

According to the established tradition, we select for you only products with good reviews and high ratings, so that you buy only useful and pleasant products and do not regret it. In this collection, we present products that are not combined into one specific category, but will be useful in every home.

We will be glad if you guessed what you need. If not, write in the comments what you would like to advise our readers.

Dynamic TV backlight

A glowing TV backdrop, not a lifeless gray wall, is beautiful. The picture becomes more dynamic, and the space becomes more voluminous. But ready-made backlit TVs are expensive, and here we see a simple and affordable solution.


Nice and good for the eyes

This is an RGB strip with a frequency of 30 LEDs per meter. When buying, you need to choose a length from one meter to five. The maximum option is suitable for TVs up to 75 inches .

The tape covers all 4 sides of the TV, and is controlled either only from the phone, or from the phone and the remote control (you must select the version when purchasing). Power is possible from any USB, even built into the TV. The tape can be cut to size if needed.

Buy dynamic TV backlight

Large urban backpack

Another backpack that will never be superfluous. Stylish appearance, water protection and a large number of pockets – there is everything you need. The size of the backpack is 32x15x50 cm and the weight is 1.3 kg .


Just a comfortable backpack

There are black and white colors to choose from. The laptop pocket is made separate , and there is a large roomy pocket for other things.

Inside there are also many compartments to decompose all the small things. There is even a side compartment for heavily lined shoes. Such a backpack can be bought for every day or for sports.

Buy a large urban backpack

Spinning brush set

These brushes are put on a screwdriver or drill. As a result, they will move much faster than you can do it with your hands. This setup is suitable for cleaning sinks, floors, car rims and other places with heavy dirt that need to be rubbed for a long time with a regular brush.


You can clean anything

There are sets of three, four or six nozzles to choose from. They differ in form and purpose. Think about what you need and feel free to choose. A very useful thing. Especially if you have a screwdriver.

Buy a set of spinning brushes

Irrigation system for plants

The simplest mechanism that will drop water from a bottle into the soil drop by drop. If you pour it right away, it will evaporate in a couple of days, and at the same time flood the plants. So watering will be uniform and you will not have to do it every day.


Plants will be watered evenly

A pin is stuck into the ground, a faucet is on it, and a bottle of water is placed on top. Everything is simple and uncomplicated. Open the faucet and water droplets moisten the earth . Sets of such sprinklers are offered from six to thirty-six pieces. The main thing is to decide how much you need. There are also different colors.

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Universal IR remote for everything

This is just a puck that connects via USB to an outlet or an external battery and, on command, distributes an IR signal in all directions . If you set it so that all devices are visible, you will control them through the application or voice assistant.


Convenient if you have a lot of equipment.

The application is simple and convenient. You need to select the programmed devices from the list by model or create a signal yourself – point the bullets at this transmitter and press the necessary buttons.

So only from one device it will be possible to control all the gadgets in the house, which are controlled via an IR remote control.

Buy a universal IR remote control