5 Future Technologies Most Homes Already Have


There are many descriptions of the world of the future in 19th century paintings and old science fiction novels. In ancient times, people believed that by the 2000s, humanity would travel in flying cars, and robots would clean houses.

Well, the new century came more than twenty years ago, and what do we see? There are flying cars , but they are in the testing phase, robots for cleaning exist, but they look far from what representatives of previous generations imagined.

Many of the technologies that were described by the authors of fantasy novels were actually invented, so these people can be considered prophets who gave accurate predictions about the future. In the framework of this article, I propose to talk about fantastic technologies that have been in the apartments of most people for several years and are taken for granted by us.

Voice assistants

In the famous Star Trek franchise, the crew of the Enterprise spacecraft can talk to a voice assistant at any time and find out the answers to any questions. If you think about it, there is one thing in common between a fantastic ship and our apartments, which is precisely the presence of a virtual assistant.

Even if your nightstand does not have a “smart” speaker with Alexa or any other assistant, you always have a smartphone at hand. But voice assistants are there. I advise you to remember this extremely convenient, but for some reason ignored by many functions – by voice commands, you can find out the answers to your questions, turn on music, control equipment, and so on.

Voice assistants make our lives much easier, but for some reason, many do not use them.

Smart home system

Since we are talking about voice commands and control of equipment, it is worth mentioning the smart home system. About ten years ago, journalists spoke with admiration about this miracle of technology, which allows you to automate almost all the equipment in the house .

But today, few people can be surprised by this, because at least small components of a “smart” home are in almost every home. While writing the article, I looked around the room and noticed at least a “smart” light bulb, which is controlled using a voice assistant: it can turn on according to a schedule, change the backlight color and even blink to the beat of playing music. Could we have assumed in the 2000s that such technology would become commonplace?

Our houses are no longer “stupid”

Room cleaning robots

In old paintings and fantasy novels, housecleaning robots are usually described as humanoid machines with a dust broom in their hand. Robots that are great at cleaning exist, but they look a little different. Modern robotic vacuum cleaners are shaped like a disk with rotating brushes underneath.

These devices independently create a map of the premises and work according to the schedule. When needed, they themselves go to the charging station and refill their energy. The most interesting thing is that the cost of robot vacuum cleaners has recently dropped significantly – a budget option can be bought for about $230.

Robot vacuum cleaner today is not such a luxury

A virtual reality

The first prototypes of virtual reality helmets appeared in the 1980s. Putting them on, a person feels himself inside another reality, in which he can create, play, and so on. I agree that not everyone has expensive virtual reality helmets from Oculus and other manufacturers today.

But we, again, have smartphones that can at least slightly represent the experience of being in a virtual space. As a budget VR headset, you can use inexpensive helmets into which a smartphone is inserted. If there is no money for this, everyone can run an augmented reality application (hello, Pokemon Go) – the immersion effect is weaker, but this is also a technology of the future that has been around for a long time.

In virtual reality, probably, many also managed to visit

3D printers

Today, the process of making plastic parts is simpler than ever – all you need is a 3D printer. Professional models are expensive, but there are options worth about 15,000 rubles. That is, buying a 3D printer is almost the same as buying two good paper printers.

Of course, not every person can boast of having such a device at home, but if you wish, you can easily buy it – they are even on aliexpress.

If desired, the house can be equipped with a 3D printer

You may not agree with some of the items on this list. Also, maybe you can add to this list – feel free to write in the comments or here.

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