Modern Android smartphones are famous for cool features in pre-installed UI: there are such in MIUI and One UI. But in most cases, smartphones are purchased not because of them, but for another reason, as a result of which the new owner is left out of work. Smartphones of the Google Pixel 6 line are infrequent guests in our area. True, despite this, some users still manage to get them. Therefore, if you have such a smartphone, then you will be interested to learn about the unique features. We tell you what cool Google Pixel 6 chips you can definitely come in handy.

Magic Eraser – what is it

Magic Eraser removes unnecessary objects from a photo with one touch

One of the best features of the Google Pixel 6 camera is the presence of Magic Eraser – a magical eraser that allows you to remove unwanted objects from the picture. It is also convenient that the system can find unnecessary objects in the photo, for example, passers-by, but you can also do this yourself manually. Processing takes seconds, and artificial intelligence tries to remove the object from the picture quietly using algorithms. Take a look – as if everything was like that from the beginning.

You can remove one object or several at once, even if they are in the background of the photo. But there is one drawback: the larger the object, the more noticeable the processing effect, but for this you need to look very closely. The whole point is that the function works almost perfectly with the Google Tensor chip , so there is no doubt that the developers will continue to improve it further.

Pixel 6 live translation

We are used to the abundance of translation applications, but most of them only work when typing or pasting text. And what about instant text translation in the messenger . It is also convenient that the function can work without the Internet – this is very useful when you are in an area of ​​​​a poor cellular network signal or cannot use it at all. To do this, you need to download the desired language pack in the settings – each of them will display what functions are available: for example, message translation, interpretation, text from the camera, or enable automatic subtitles for videos.

Accident detection on Pixel 6

Google Pixel 6 is able to detect if you got into an accident: the smartphone uses various sensors, geolocation and scanning sounds around for this. In the event of an accident, the smartphone will ask you if everything is in order. If you don’t answer, he will call emergency services for you. It is thanks to this feature that Apple came up with its own answer and created a bike fall detection option. The application is already built into the latest Google Pixel 6, but it can also be downloaded on older smartphones.

Personal Safety will detect the accident and prompt you to call for help

Personal Safety can also be combined with emergency contacts: an app on your smartphone will give a contact access to your location in case of emergency. In addition, you can turn on the emergency call by pressing the power button 5 times.

Google Pixel Smart Storage

One of the main problems of any smartphone is the lack of memory. As a rule, free space runs out suddenly, as a result of which you begin to hastily delete the first files that come across. Google Pixel has no problem with this: it already has a built-in Google Files app with Smart Storage – thanks to it, files created more than 60 days ago and copied to the cloud automatically disappear from the phone’s memory, freeing up precious space. In addition, Smart Storage can work faster without waiting for a 60-day period: photos will be deleted if they have been synchronized with the cloud, and there is less than 25% free space on the smartphone.

Notifications on Google Pixel

Some features in the Google smartphone are turned off by default, although there is no explanation for this. Notification history is a prime example of this. It’s not very clear why this is, but it should be turned on right away: using the notification history, it’s easy to keep track of those that you may have accidentally dismissed. This is also convenient in cases where the phone is in another room, but you did not have time to see which application it came from. It will store the history for 24 hours, after which it will erase it.

Turning on notification history is very easy

  • Open the “curtain” and select Settings.
  • Select Notification Settings.
  • Go to “Notification History” and activate the item.

Unfortunately, notification history can’t be turned on retroactively, so you can’t track down the right notification after it’s appeared.

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