Recently, technology has reached the point where it is not necessary, while sitting at a lecture, to quickly type it on the keyboard so as not to forget anything. It is enough to start voice recording and further convert the resulting file into text . This applies not only to study, but also to ordinary conversations or speeches that you want to keep in memory. Agree, it is much more convenient to listen carefully to what your interlocutor says, and then analyze what was said in a calm atmosphere.

Given that modern smartphones are equipped with excellent microphones , this is an ideal tool for recording. You just need to use the appropriate program and that’s it. We have selected for you the five best applications for voice recording on Android smartphones.

Voice recorder for Android

Every modern Android smartphone has a standard voice recording application. For those users who do not claim any additional functions or cool sound quality and just want to record the speech of an interlocutor, teacher or someone else, they can safely use any stock voice recorder. On Xiaomi , Poco and Redmi smartphones, this is what it is called – “Voice recorder” .

The program has the most simple and intuitive interface. In the middle is the “Record” button. On the right, depending on the state of the voice recorder, either the transition to all previously completed recordings, or the “Stop” button. On the left is a button that allows you to make marks on the record. This feature will be relevant to those who want to be able to know when the speaker has changed or a new topic has started.

Voice message in Telegram

Telegram does a great job as a voice recorder.

When I needed to record someone’s speech, I used the Telegram application for this . Yes, the familiar messenger copes with this role very well. It is enough to open the “Favorites” chat and record a voice message for yourself. Not only will it immediately become available on all devices where the corresponding application is installed, but there is also the possibility to convert voice to text without any problems .

You need to subscribe to a special bot and simply send it a record. Within a short time, it will process it and send you a message with a decryption. Quite convenient, especially if the record is relatively small. You don’t have to waste time listening to it. You can immediately work thoughtfully with the text. If for some reason you have not yet downloaded this messenger to your device, then it’s time to do it. I think that you will find a use for it not only for messaging and recording voice notes, but also as a good alternative to news sites and social networks.


Transcription of audio recordings

One of the most functional applications in today’s selection.

One of the most powerful tools for working with voice recordings is the Otter app . It combines both a regular voice recorder with the ability to convert sound to text, and can work with audio or video recorded in other programs for the same purposes. Unfortunately, most of the really useful features are blocked by a subscription, but you will get 10 hours of free transcription of voice recordings per month and saving them in TXT format.

If you can somehow subscribe, you will get up to 100 hours and the ability to save text not only in TXT, but also in PDF, DOCX and SRT formats. Separately, it should be noted the ability to automatically decrypt photos and videos from Dropbox without the need for separate user intervention. But all this is included only in the subscription.

Download Otter

Download voice recorder for Android

The next app in today’s selection is Simple Voice Recorder . As you can understand from the name, this is really just a voice recorder, but with a couple of good features that will come in handy for any user. The program is equipped with three microphone presets to improve the quality of the recording. You can choose:

  • Speech notes.
  • Meetings and lectures.
  • Music and raw audio.

Each of these presets must be activated under the appropriate conditions, and the recording quality will be better. Separately, you can adjust the sound quality . This will affect the size of the file. If your smartphone has little free memory, then this opportunity will be relevant for you.

Download Simple voice recorder

Free voice recorder for Android

The appearance of applications will not leave anyone indifferent.

The Voice Recorder app made this list not because of some mind-blowing functionality, but mainly because of its appearance. Its launch alone causes genuine delight. The program is stylized as a cassette recorder with a cassette inserted and ready for recording. And the buttons look like their physical counterparts.

In the settings, there is even the ability to select different skins, which will allow you to customize the program to your preferences. The application performs its recording functions perfectly. In general, for those who value not only functionality, but also the appearance of the software used, this is an ideal option.

Download Voice Recorder