4 useful “flight mode” features in your smartphone that many do not use


Incredible, but true: the flight mode in your smartphone is not limited to one single function – turning off communication when flying. Airplane mode has other, at first glance, non-obvious, but quite useful applications. Let’s talk about 4 applied ways to use this function.

Smartphone battery saving

In places with poor connectivity, the battery of the smartphone is consumed the fastest – the gadget is constantly trying to catch a signal, switching between the base stations of the mobile operator.

In such circumstances, you can temporarily turn on airplane mode so that the smartphone does not connect anywhere else and its battery does not drain so quickly.

Restoration of mobile communication

From time to time, mobile communication can fail, and in order for it to work again, it must be restarted. It takes a long time to reboot the entire smartphone, it’s easier to turn on airplane mode for a few seconds, and when you turn it off, the connection will function normally again.

Accelerated smartphone charging

Working communication modules consume battery power, including during its charging. In flight mode, these components do not work, which means that the gadget charges a little faster. Don’t expect a major speedup, but can be useful if you’re in a big hurry.

Disabling ads

Many mobile games are full of built-in ads that make you watch boring videos and prevent you from enjoying the gameplay. With airplane mode turned on, the game will not have access to the Internet, which means you won’t have to watch ads either.

True, this life hack is relevant only for single games, you won’t be able to play multiplayer projects without the Internet.