4 non-obvious reasons why your smartphone is buggy


All smartphones have their own service life, but with each new generation of devices, it should only increase. Unfortunately, in reality, everything happens differently: after a year and a half, a fresh flagship starts to take out the launch of the simplest applications with difficulty.

Let’s put aside the lack of power – the chips in modern smartphones are able to “fly” for 2-3 years without any problems. There are hidden reasons why your gadget starts to fail after a while – you might not know about them, but in vain.

Let’s talk about what prevents the smartphone from working normally, although there seems to be no apparent reason.

Smartphone battery

Unfortunately, the battery in the phone is one of the weakest points. Not for nothing that Apple and other manufacturers point out that it is actually a consumable item: too many factors affect the life of lithium-ion batteries, such as charging frequency, quality of the charger, and temperature.

Because of this, it is impossible to predict how long the battery in the phone will last.

4 non-obvious reasons why your smartphone is buggy

An aging battery is one of the reasons why a smartphone starts to blunt

Aging batteries affect not only the operating time of the gadget, but also its performance: due to the imperfect state, the battery is not able to maintain the required voltage, resulting in a decrease in the maximum processor clock frequency, system speed and other parameters that affect performance.

Software overlays on Android

The so-called launchers create their own atmosphere for each smartphone. Some people are closer to MIUI, some people enjoy the “pure” Android , and some people like OxygenOS. Here’s your answer: the speed of the system on different software overlays varies greatly.

And this is not a bug, but a feature: the performance of software overlays depends on many factors. It may seem that the skin on Samsung is slower than, say, ColorOS, but in most cases it is designed that way.


The software overlay of the smartphone can work at different speeds, which makes it seem that the smartphone is stupid

Also , the speed of the software overlay depends on the interface elements and the performance of the smartphone, but you may notice that two phones on the same chip open the menu at different speeds.

The problem is that some manufacturers frankly slaughter it, but now everything is going to the fact that everyone is trying to optimize the system for hardware.

In general, in order not to miscalculate, it is better to personally compare smartphones, even if they have similar characteristics.

What is the difference between Bluetooth versions

4 non-obvious reasons why your smartphone is buggy

Pay attention to the version of Bluetooth in your smartphone: not only the sound quality, but also the level of energy consumption depends on it

When buying a smartphone, pay attention not only to the number of gigs of RAM, processor and screen size, but also to the Bluetooth version .

The higher it is, the lower the likelihood that the smartphone will slow down. For example, now it’s definitely not worth buying a smartphone in which the Bluetooth module is lower than version 5: it has increased pairing speed, reduced power consumption, improved sound quality, and even the Dual Audio function has appeared , which allows you to connect two pairs of headphones to your smartphone at once.

Now there are more modern Bluetooth 5.1 and 5.2. So, if you do not need a buggy smartphone that switches the track on the connected speaker with a delay, choose a more up-to-date Bluetooth module.

Smartphone cooling system

In theory, the cooler and more expensive the smartphone, the better it should have a cooling system . We were convinced that Xiaomi 12 has the coolest cooling , but in reality everything turned out to be not so perfect.

It turns out that the more he is praised, the worse it is? Look: any processor, even if it is the top one, needs high-quality cooling. But in fact, it turns out that only gaming smartphones are capable of this: sometimes they put coolers in them, make a case from carbon fiber and a heat pipe with a porous filler.

4 non-obvious reasons why your smartphone is buggy

Only gaming smartphones have high-quality cooling – this is a fact

In short, there are countless methods. But it is important to remember one thing – there is always a place for marketing tricks in a smartphone.

So, the modern story of water-cooling is a wonderful fantasy for buyers: it has nothing to do with cooling in a PC. Remember the HTC M9, which heated up to 55 degrees, and the manufacturer did nothing about it.

In general, there is probably no smartphone (except for gaming) that has decent cooling, so look at the performance tests on YouTube: they perfectly illustrate how the smartphone performs under load and how hot it gets.

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