20 things you need to let go to be happy


Life will be easier and more enjoyable if you don’t focus on it.



1. Approval of others

What difference does it make what they think of you? If you are happy with the decisions you have made, then you have made the right choice, no matter what others say. Imagine how much effort you spend trying to read other people’s thoughts, and still do not guess.

Listen to advice – please, but do not let others decide how you live.

2. Anger and resentment

Anger destroys from within, so learn to put up with annoying people. This does not mean that you can allow others to take advantage of you, as long as you do not lead to a scandal. You just have to deal with the hatred, resentment and pain that remains inside. Remember: the one who makes you angry controls you.

Some people savor their resentment like a gourmet meal, and it doesn’t lead to anything good. Such feelings harm only you, not those to whom they are directed.

3. The image of the ideal body

How often do you follow beauty industry trends, the opinions of your relatives and friends? The body is the little that really belongs to you. Who, if not you, decide how it should look? It only matters how you feel. The rest is trash.

4. Dreams of the perfect partner

Everyone has in their head a set of qualities that an ideal partner should have. But life usually spits on these lists.

To be happy, you must love a person with all your heart, feel easy and comfortable next to him, and he must accept you for who you are. At least the first two points coincided – excellent, you have found what you need.

5. Ideal life

Just as there is no perfect partner, there is no perfect destiny. Life is what you put into it, so if you’re not willing to work hard and put in the effort, then you’ve chosen to be miserable.

You can create your own world, the most beautiful of all worlds.

6. Wealth as an end in itself

Many people live with the thought of becoming a millionaire. This is not a bad goal, but it will take a lot of work to achieve it.

Don’t focus on large sums. The main thing is to find a business that will be your passion and fulfill yourself, then the money will come.

7. Hope for good luck

Don’t wait until you get lucky. Appreciate your life and be grateful for what you already have.

8. Excuses

Excuses are your attempt not to feel like shit when you once again do not do something that should have been done a long time ago.

9. Thoughts on exes

You broke up, and there was a reason for that. Remembering your former love, think not about the person, but about the lessons that life has taught you.

Do not dwell on feelings for someone who will never be with you. It will only destroy new relationships and make you suffer.

10. Stubbornness

It’s hard to admit that you’re wrong about something. It’s just that other people have more knowledge or ability to do something right. So stop resisting, just accept it as a fact.

The less stubborn you are, the more open you are to something new. Think about how much you can experience and feel if you try to understand and accept someone else’s opinion other than your own.

11. Procrastination

Stop postponing tasks for tomorrow, live today. If you constantly put off some business, think about whether it is worth taking on it at all? Maybe you don’t need it? And if you need to, then grab it right now: constant procrastination causes feelings of guilt and stress. Is it worth it to suffer like this?

12. Baggage of memories

You should not drag a baggage of memories with you, especially about past relationships. If you loved someone very much or thought you did, then you will subconsciously compare him to a new person who is not to blame for anything.

Starting a new relationship, get rid of the old ones. Not only in life, but also in your head.

This is true for falling in love, and for all relationships in general: with friends, acquaintances, colleagues.

13. Negative thought

Thoughts and words materialize. So change your mindset to “everything will be fine.” Nothing is impossible for a person who believes in it.

14. Condemnation

Since the world is a projection of our thoughts, we know for sure that everyone is gossiping about us (because we ourselves do it). Vicious Circle: You can’t do tip #1, which is not think about other people’s opinions, unless you stop criticizing other people yourself.

Just remember: you weren’t in their shoes, even if you think you were. Everyone has their own cockroaches in their heads, and their own circumstances in life, so tie it up.

15. Envy

Social networks make people unhappy. We look at our former classmates, classmates and acquaintances and turn green with envy, feeling like a nonentity.

The next time you catch yourself feeling this way, think about this: “Would I like to be the person I envy?” Certainly not, you love yourself (even if somewhere very deep inside).

You are looking at someone else’s life that you do not know. You have no idea what this person is thinking. Maybe when he dives into the pool of his private house, he hates himself or is wildly afraid of something?

Maybe you, walking through the forest on a sunny day, experience much more pleasure than he does, basking on the snow-white sand in the Maldives?

Stop looking at others. If you feel good now, then everything is right. If not, make it good.

16. Uncertainty

Happy people tend to have self-esteem (just don’t confuse it with an inflated ego). They are pleased with themselves and exude confidence.

There is no reason to doubt yourself. If you have traits that you hate, there are two ways: accept them or change them. Every person has everything at once: a libertine, a puritan, a lying bastard, and a gentleman. You choose who you will be.

17. Dependence on others

No one will fill the void within you. No one will make you positive and self-sufficient if you are unhappy with your fate. To share your happiness with someone else, you must first become happy yourself. So do not even hope that your success is in the wrong hands. Only in yours.

18. Past

Living in the past means burying your present. There were mistakes – okay, who didn’t? Arrange a magnificent funeral for your memories, remember only the lessons and live on.

19. Total control

Sometimes you just need to relax and let life take its course. You can’t control everything and you have to deal with it. Otherwise, you will be constantly nervous, but in the end you still won’t change anything. There are just things that are out of your control. They must be accepted as they are.

20. Expectations

People think that others should live up to their expectations. That’s bullshit. Nobody owes you anything, and you don’t owe anything either. One should be polite, attentive, accurate, honest, pleasant in communication, clean, after all.

Nothing should be perfect, amazing, unforgettable, but it can be. If it does, great, if not, don’t worry. Be ready to accept everything that life sends you, and you will find happiness.

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