15 best thai series; Top rated lakorns

  • September 15, 2022

Lakorn are series from Thailand that, despite their origin, are very different from the TV content of other Asian countries. Lakorns are much bolder and more frank, so the first acquaintance with them can really surprise a conservative viewer.

We present to your attention the top lacorns, from which it is difficult to break away. Here are collected both scandalous novelties and classics with a high rating and many fans around the world. If you haven’t watched the best Thai lakorns yet, it’s time to catch up!

 Cut off from the world

  • IMDB: 6.2

A kind of Thai answer to the creators of the cult Lost – there may not be crashing planes here, but there is an elite school on a secluded island, whose students, instead of going home for the holidays, face the devastating consequences of the tsunami, and then something inexplicable begins to happen. Solving the mystery of the island along with the main characters is truly exciting, and given that the fashion for such fantasy detective stories in the West has long passed, fans of the genre will be extremely happy to have the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere they love so much. The series can be easily watched online in Russian.

My bubble tea

  • IMDB: 7.3

The top of the best lacorns is continued by the romantic comedy My Bubble Tea. The plot is built around a classic love triangle between young people played by very nice actors. The catalyst for all the action here is a magical tea that makes you fall in love with the one who prepared it. That’s just bad luck, by mistake the girl treated a drink not to her dream, but to a friend whom she frankly dislikes.

Light and funny, this series is good both for its romantic component and for comedy, despite the difference in mentality, it will be no less funny for a Western audience to watch the ups and downs of the relationship between the main characters.

One Hundred Ways of a Cunning Seducer

  • IMDB: 7.7

Which lakorn to watch to get the most complete understanding of Thai TV shows? Pay attention to this story, classic for all Asian cultures – a couple of friends become business partners, but one betrays the other out of greed, and their children will have to pay for the mistakes of their fathers many years later. Such a plot is found everywhere both in dramas and in the full meter, but Thais talk about such events without unnecessary sentimentality. Romance and comedic elements here are no less than about revenge – a variety of people will like it.

Bride involuntarily

  • IMDB: 6.4

A spicy melodrama about a pair of strangers who are united by only one fact – they were both abandoned on their wedding day, without explaining the reasons. A successful businessman and a charming socialite decide to find out what went wrong, and for this they decide to enter into a fictitious marriage. In fact, this is a great light spectacle, when viewing which you can both laugh and mourn. Thai lakorns open the veil that surrounds the culture of this country from the views of tourists, so if you want to learn more about Thailand and the customs reigning there, feel free to download “Bride involuntarily”.

 Full house

  • IMDB: 7.9

A classic sitcom with a touch of Thai flair. Due to the unscrupulous behavior of relatives, the main character who went on a trip returns home, where, in addition to her, a young man now lives, who turns out to be a local pop star. Having started a relationship with a conflict, the main characters quickly develop feelings for each other and are soon very glad that the situation has developed in this way. And although this story is designed more for a youth audience, older viewers will also be interested – a lot of hilarious and ridiculous situations do not let them tear themselves away from the screen.


  • IMDB: 7.9

Anyone who is looking for lakorns with handsome actors should definitely watch Sotus. The story about the relationship of university students, where seniors are appointed as mentors for freshmen, reveals many problems of growing up, intrigues and other passions. From the point of view of the plot, it is hardly possible to learn something fundamentally new here, but the series is made with love, and the chemistry between the characters is so strong that after a couple of episodes you begin to perceive them as your good friends.

My Lawful Husband

  • IMDB: 8.3

There are interesting lakorns with an exciting plot even in genres from which you initially do not expect anything extraordinary. Before us is a romantic comedy about a young girl who has been in love with a guy for many years, and the latter’s feelings are limited to love for teasers addressed to her. True, after he enters into a relationship with the wife of a dangerous gangster, he has to marry his devoted admirer, although he himself does not want to. But if everything were so simple… Events develop rapidly and now a man has to be jealous and suffer – such a swing continues throughout the series and looks very organic and tense.

Bound by Fate

  • IMDB: 7.7

A classic soap opera that evokes nostalgia for the Brazilian series of the late nineties and early zeros. All the ingredients are in place – jealousy, revenge, casual relationships, a secret pregnancy and the adoption of children by a distant relative, in general – a complete set. This series, popular in Thailand, is not particularly known outside the country, but, like all such films, it gives a much better idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe peculiarities of culture hidden from the eyes than franchises originally created for export. Well, unlike the Latin American counterparts, there are only 15 episodes, so you don’t have to wait ten years before you find out how it all ended.

Storm of Passion

  • IMDB: 7.6

The best lakorns of Thailand are available online in Russian, but in the case of the Storm of Passion, this is far from all that the series has in common with Russia. If we ignore the appearance of the actors, then in this case we have a classic story from the series of the zero years – the former mafia legalized and became a respectable businessman, met the girl of his dreams, but something went wrong … You have seen this more than once, although the Thai entourage adds charm and has not yet become boring, like all these endless stories about romantic brothers. Judging by the reviews on specialized sites, lakorn fans have felt this closeness of mentality and speak positively about the Tempest.

The girl from nowhere

  • IMDB: 7.5

An action-packed series from Netflix with all the consequences. A young girl constantly changes schools, but nowhere can she settle down. By virtue of mystical abilities, a day is enough for her to see the vice, lies, and sometimes real crimes reigning around. The gift is so-so, you can’t make friends with him, and therefore a lot of troubles constantly happen to the heroine, but great strength means great responsibility, and she will have to sacrifice her childhood and happiness in order for society to become at least a little healthier.

As long as the sun shines

  • IMDB: 8.2

The best Thai series, or at least the most popular ones, are mostly melodramatic, and this story is no exception. Despite the abundance of clichés, the lakorn looks with great interest, and it is difficult to decide who to sympathize with. After the death of her parents, young Famai ends up in the house where her peer Atit lives, and fearing that she will soon be asked to leave the house, she tries to seduce the young man who runs away from such a prospect and soon gets into an accident. A few years later, they meet again, but it is not easy to restore the broken connection – when you watch them, you worry about their relationship as if it were your own.

 Fallen leaf

  • IMDB: 7.8

But you will not see this either in Russian serials or in Western ones. The plot tells about a young man who dreams of a sex change, and his relationship with relatives, who mostly do not approve of this choice. After a while, the hero achieves his goal and becomes a heroine, although along the way he loses a loving and understanding mother, for which he decides to get even with the offenders. Under the new guise of Nira – that’s the name of the heroine, she meets people from the past, including her uncle and father, who alternately fall in love with her. The story becomes more and more confusing and tragic with every turn, so literally until the last frame the viewer cannot understand how it will all end.

Pink Sin

  • IMDB: 8.4

Lakorn with the highest rating are in the top three of our top. Here is by no means a banal soap opera, but quite a serious drama – the young man feels contempt, bordering on hatred for his own father, because of whom, in his opinion, the hero’s mother died. From the endless deadlock of depression, the guy is led out by a meeting with a charming girl who is used to looking at the world positively, but everything is by no means so simple – the father again enters the arena and decides to marry the mother of this girl, which will greatly complicate the life of lovers. In this lakorn, the focus is not on sudden plot twists, but rather on the inner experiences of the characters against the backdrop of all the upheavals that are taking place.

Heart of Stone

  • IMDB: 8.4

It is much easier to find the best lakorns with Russian voice acting online today than a couple of years ago, so we advise you not to miss this series. A young bastard, born from a chance relationship between a wealthy father and a prostitute mother, lives in the home of a wealthy parent and is humiliated by his stepmother. Intimidated and defenseless, one day he becomes a victim of an assassination attempt on her part and is forced to flee, settle at the very bottom and get acquainted with the dirty life that his own mother led. Years later, the young man changes his name, character and outlook on life, now he is not a slobber suffering from humiliation, but a ruthless pimp who is ready to get even with the offenders of himself and his mother.

Waves of Life

  • IMDB: 8.5

On the first line of the top are “Waves of Life” – this is a popular series outside of Thailand with a cool plot. Young movie star Gee flees from her stepfather’s harassment and becomes the culprit of an accident in which the protagonist’s fiancée was injured. After the evidence disappeared from the crime scene, the young man decides to turn Ji’s life into a nightmare, but as we know, there is only one step from love to hate. We will not spoil further – download “Waves of Life”, you need to see it with your own eyes.